Solano: Suisun City Marina-Suisun Marsh-Belden’s Landing-Grizzly Island

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

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This out & back ride goes SE from Cordelia out to the beautiful wetlands and sloughs around Suisun Marsh and Grizzly Island. It includes a scenic jaunt around Suisun Slough at Suisun City Marina.

Begin this ride from Cordelia Community Park. Cross over I-680 on Gold Hill Rd to Ramsey Rd; this less traveled side road goes along the east side of I-680 towards the I-80 junction in Cordelia.

Cross the RR tracks at Old Cordelia and continue east on Cordelia Rd to the short climb up and over to the south edge of Green Valley.

Cordelia Rd leads out to the open valley floor with nut orchards and rich agricultural farmlands.

Cordelia Rd continues east along the edge of the industrial and business park area in Fairfield with fabulous views of the open fields and marshes.

The road name changes to Cordelia St as it enters the city limits of Suisun City to its end at the waterfront.

Turn left and follow the multi-use path around Suisun Slough at Suisun City Marina.

The path turns southward as it continues along the east side of the waterway through Mike Day Memorial Park to its end at Solano Yacht Club.

Exit the path onto Civic Center Blvd, turn left and head north to Driftwood Dr. Turn right on Driftwood, the road leads to Grizzly Island Trail off Marina Blvd.

The trail travels eastward along Laurel Creek with views of the shallow marsh and wetlands.

Grizzly Island Trail turns southward as it exits onto Grizzly Island Rd. Continue south on Grizzly Island Rd; this road is the Gateway to the Suisun Marsh & Wildlife Area, “the largest single estuarine marsh in the Unites States”.

The flat terrain through Suisun Marsh crosses over Hill Slough.

Grizzly Island Rd continues on for a gentle climb up and over Suisun Hill.

The road drops down through the open ranch lands dotted with grazing cattle with fabulous views of the green rolling Potrero Hills!

The flat terrain continues along the sloughs and marshes on the edge of Joyce Island. Grizzly Island Rd leads to the entrance to Belden’s Landing off Cross Slough Rd.

Enjoy the views of the surrounding wetlands and marshes along Montezuma Slough!

Exit Belden’s Landing and cross the bridge over Montezuma Slough to continue on Grizzly Island Rd.

The road travels along the south side of the slough with expansive views of the marshes and wetlands.

Brief stop at a fishing pier along Montezuma Slough.

Enjoy the splendid waterfowl habitat wetlands!

Grizzly Island Rd continues meandering around the gorgeous Suisun Marsh to the David D Bohannon Memorial Pond.

The road continues through the marshlands to the entrance booth at Grizzly Island Wildlife Area.

Turn around on Grizzly Island Rd at the point where the pavement ends. No bicycles are allowed around Grizzly Island Wildlife Area.

Reverse your way back on Grizzly Island Rd to Belden’s Landing.

The road continues north with fabulous views of the Sonoma and Vaca Mountains!

Return on the Grizzly Island Trail to Driftwood.

Ride around Suisun City Marina back to Cordelia St.

Retrace the route on Cordelia Rd through the industrial park area to Bridgeport Ave.

Return on Ramsey Rd and Gold Hill Rd to Cordelia Community Park.

This is a fantastic flat scenic ride out to Suisun City and the beautiful wetlands around Suisun Marsh on Grizzly Island Rd. The route is just enough for an easy winter day spin around Solano County!

Garmin Stats:
42.69 Miles with 669′ of elevation gain
Max elevation: 123′
Max grade: 8%
Terrain: Flat

Weather: Sunny and cool. Temps ranged from the high 40’s to the low 60’s with NE winds.

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Follow this route for today’s ride:


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