Paso Robles: Kiler Canyon-Peachy Canyon-Vineyard-Adelaida

Friday, April 13, 2018

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Day 7-This route heads east for a clockwise loop along the gorgeously remote Kiler Canyon Rd, it climbs up to the junction at Peachy Canyon Rd. The ride rolls through the scenic wine country vineyards, wineries, and olive groves on Peachy Canyon to Vineyard Dr. The return west continues through the shaded canyon, vineyards, and wineries along Adelaida Rd to Nacimiento Lake Rd.

Exit the park and head south on Vine St.

Turn right on Kiler Canyon Rd, it immediately tilts up with a westward climb of 6-8% grades past the residential neighborhood towards the entrance of Kiler Ridge Olive Farm.

The road continues to climb up to the first highpoint followed by a fabulous roll through the open upper meadows, estate vineyards, and olive groves.

At mile 3.4, the pavement ends, the road pitches up with 7-9% grades through the canyon to Kiler Canyon Ranch. Enjoy the views!

Kiler Canyon Rd levels out for the next half mile past the scattered ranch homes to the yellow road advisory sign.

The road narrows as it travels into the beautiful wooded canyon.

The remote climb has steep grades of 10-17% as it winds its way up through the quiet canyon area to Kiler Canyon Farm.

The road continues upwards with 8-12% grades towards the ridge top vineyards.

Enjoy the glorious views!

At the road split, go right to stay on Kiler Canyon Rd. The road continues to climb up along the ridge to the next highpoint with 6-10% grades.

The road continues to climb up along the ridge to the next highpoint with 6-10% grades.

The road steadily climbs upwards with fabulous ridge top views! Kiler Canyon Rd drops downhill to the intersection at Peachy Canyon Rd.

Make a sharp left on Peachy Canyon Rd, the swift downhill rolls through the gorgeous wooden canyon to the open valley orchards.

Peachy Canyon turns southerly as it comes to a T junction at Vineyard Dr.

Turn right and head north on Vineyard Dr. The flat-rolling terrain goes through the scenic hillside vineyards, estate wineries, and olive groves.

The road climbs up through the shaded woodland before coming to a T at Adelaida Rd.

Turn right for the eastward return on Adelaida Rd, the gentle rolling terrain takes you through the shaded woodland past the nut orchards and vineyards.

The road tilts up from Rolph Family Vineyards up to the summit at Adelaida Cellars with gradient ranges of 4-8%.

Adelaida Rd continues upwards through the gap followed by a short descent towards the open ridge.

Enjoy the phenomenal mountain ridges and canyons around the Santa Lucia Range!

Adelaida Rd descends for several sweet rolling miles to Naciemento Lake Dr; it rolls past the vineyards and olive groves between Wild Coyote Winery to Le Curvier Winery.

Return south on Vine St to the park.

Bring your gravel bike or roll with wider tires for the remote climb up Kiler Canyon, it’s a treat! You’ll enjoy the quiet back roads and stunning ridge top views!

Garmin Stats:
27.5 Miles with 2648′ of elevation gain
Max elevation: 1757′
Max grade: 17%
Terrain: Flat-rolling with steep climbs, part of Kiler Canyon Rd is unpaved/dirt/gravel

Weather: Sunny and warm. Temps ranged from the low 40’s to the high 50’s with NE winds.

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