A Taste of Europe 2013



I had the most wonderful opportunity to get together with my three sisters for some light holiday traveling in Europe. We meandered through the Towns and Villages in the Cotswolds and visited some of the major landmarks around the ever so-cool cities of London, Paris and Brussels.

It was very pleasurable to walk through the various Christmas markets and enjoy the fabulous festival of lights through out the cities. The streets are bustling with people and filled with an abundance of holiday life and energy!

Although most exhibits and tourist sites are on a shorter winter schedule, the up side to this seasonal change is that you don’t have to contend with the hoards of people queuing up for entry or blocking views.

I thought my first low season trip to Europe was great! The winter sun is hung low with the days being much shorter thus giving a different perspective and view of the surrounding city and country landscapes-it’s quite beautiful all around!



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