Cycle Washington 2013


ScreenHunter_002Through an invitation from the Bruce Bernard, President of COGS/Cyclists of Greater Seattle, Michael and I hit the road in our Rialta RV and had the wonderful opportunity to cycle around the beautiful Pacific Northwest. COGS members, Soheil and Becky welcomed us into their homes with open arms and warmed our hearts with their hospitality, generosity and kindness. Much thanks to Bruce, Tom and all the other COGS members who took the time to show us the sights and sounds around their great city! Our time in the greater Seattle area will not be forgotten-we recently joined COGS and will be back for more rides!

We spent a majority of our time riding around the north and northwest regions of Washington. Summer is the perfect time to be there, the weather was mostly sunny and warm or partly cloudy with a few days of light rain in between. I hope you enjoy the write-ups and head north to experience it for yourself. Don’t forget to look up COGS and join them for a few rides; they’re friendly, warm and just down right genuinely good people-that’s really hard to find nowadays!

Total Rides: 15
Total Miles: 866.75
Total Elevation Gain: 44,102 feet


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