Bay Area Three Peaks Weekend 2015

To celebrate and ring in 2015, I decided to cycle the Bay Area’s three major peaks in three consecutive days; a trifecta of rides up to the summit of Mt Diablo, Mt Tamalpais and Mt Hamilton.

You can also ride all three peaks in one day by using public transportation:

Mount Diablo State Park: At the eastern fringe of the San Francisco Bay Region, Mount Diablo, elevation 3,849 feet, stands alone on the edge of
California’s great Central Valley. At this point, the Coast Range consists only of low hills, none high enough to block the view from the upper
slopes of the mountain. As a result, the view is spectacular. (

01/01-2015 New Year’s Day: Mt Diablo North Gate to the Summit 47 Miles

summit views

Mt Diablo Summit Views

Mount Tamalpais State Park: North of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, Mount Tamalpais rises majestically from the heart of Marin County. The breathtaking panorama from Mt Tamalpais’s 2571-foot peak includes the Farallon Islands 25 miles out to sea, the Marin County hills, San Francisco Bay, the East Bay and Mount Diablo. (

01/02-Mt Tamalpais 39 miles

sf bay views

Mt Tamalpais Summit SF Bay Views

Mt Hamilton Lick Observatory: The University of California’s Lick Observatory has been in operation on the 4200-foot summit of Mount Hamilton, east of San Jose, California, since 1888. The Observatory is more than 20 miles from downtown San Jose along Mt. Hamilton Road.The road follows a gradual grade, which nowhere exceeds seven percent, laid out over a century ago for horses and carts. It has many sharp curves and is quite narrow in places. (

01/03-Mount Hamilton 46 Miles


Mt Hamilton Summit Views



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