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All the photos seen on this blog are taken while I’m riding my bike or on a tandem with my pilot. Occasionally I do stop to take some still shots.

I currently use a Nikon Coolpix AW100 compact camera. If I remember, I sometimes record videos using this hand-held camera.

Michael uses a GoPro HD Hero Camera for the ride videos.

This photo blog is meant to be shared with everyone who visits this site. All the photos posted here may be used for non-commercial purposes, in doing so you must give credit to me and or provide a link to this site.


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  1. hi nancy, never see you on the road these days, but I am there, addicted as ever to rolling around on a bike. hope to see you some day.



  2. Hi Nancy!
    Is it okay to use a few of your photos for a commercial book–a Falcon Guide? I do not receive much money from it and cannot offer payment, but will very happily include photo credit and your website.
    Thanks so much!


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