Santa Cruz Mountains Ramble 2014

Santa Cruz Mountains

Santa Cruz Mountains

This cycling adventure meanders around the gorgeous Santa Cruz Mountains which form a ridge along the San Francisco Peninsula, separating the Pacific Ocean from San Francisco Bay and Santa Clara Valley. The mountain range passes through San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara and Santa Cruz counties.

Santa Clara Valley

Santa Clara Valley

These rides goes along some of the major routes across the mountains and more so along the quiet less traveled back roads of San Mateo and Santa Clara counties. You’ll enjoy the ocean vistas and coastal farmlands along the San Mateo coastline to the dense redwood forests around Big Basin State Park.

San Mateo Coastline

San Mateo Coastline

Big Basin Redwoods

Big Basin Redwoods

Riding around the Santa Cruz Mountains only equates with one thing-CLIMBING and lots of it!  These routes tackle some of the most scenic mountain roads around; Tunitas Creek, Higgins Canyon, Kings Mountain, Page Mill, West Alpine, Mt Eden, Big Basin and much more. Bring your climbing legs and low gears for this challenging mountainous ramble!

These rides begin at different locations along the SF Peninsula starting from Half Moon Bay to Woodside and Palo Alto to Los Altos.


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