Cycle Oregon 2012

Cycle Oregon 2012: Special 25th Anniversary Ride – September 8-15

This year’s anniversary event showcases the beauty of Crater Lake with a climb up to Rim Village and an additional counterclockwise loop around the rim. The other six days are spent riding to and from the small towns of Oregon along many Forest and County Roads with minimal to no traffic.

They take care of everything for you-it’s a moving city; going from campsite to campsite complete with porta-potties, showers, food & beverages, bike services, transportation of your camping gear and bags, full SAG support, medical services and live entertainment. The only thing you have to do is ride! When you’re out on those remote roads for miles on end, you gain great peace of mind daily knowing that support and help is not far away. Much “THANKS” to all the OC volunteers for being out there in support of us!




Gain over 31,000′ in elevation while riding 500 miles in 7 days-FANTASTIC!



Another great thing is that the route changes annually with different host cities and towns. It’s a great way to explore Oregon on a bike! This is a very popular cycling tour-when registration for this ride opened in February, it completely sold out in 31 minutes!


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