Corte Madera Ridge-Shelter Ridge-Marin Headlands-Rodeo Cove

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

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This ride heads north from Mill Valley for a figure eight loop up to Corte Madera Ridge on Camino Alto to Chapman Dr and up Kipling and Seaver Dr to Shelter Ridge. The route continues south for a beautiful loop around the Marin Headlands on Conzelman Rd up to Hawk Hill. It travels around the tip of Marin Peninsula on Field Rd towards Bonita Point before heading east on Bunker Rd for a scenic jaunt on the Coastal Trail to Battery Townsley and Rodeo Beach.

Begin this ride from the Hauke Park parking lot off Hamilton Dr and take the multi-use path through Hauke Park and across Pickleweed Inlet onto the Mill Valley-Sausalito Path.

Head north on the Mill Valley-Sausalito Path to E Blithesdale Ave.

Continue north on Camino Alto up to Corte Madera Ridge; it’s a 1.3-mile climb with grades of 4-7% followed by a fabulous sweeping descent on smooth pavement into Corte Madera.

Head east on Redwood and Tamalpais Rd to Chapman Rd. The return climb up to Corte Madera Ridge is 1.2 mile with an average grade of 4.75%. This narrow single lane road winds up around a residential neighborhood with minimal to no traffic.

Descend Camino Alto and head east on Vasco Dr and Azalea Dr to the connector paths leading out to Lomita Dr.

Head south through the residential neighborhood along Shell and Meadow Dr to Tower Ave. Cross E Blithesdale onto Kipling Dr and get into your lowest gear; the road tilts up for a short climb through the Enchanted Knolls neighborhood to Seaver Dr with steep grades of 14-21%!

Turn left onto Seaver, the climbing continues up to Shelter Ridge with steep 14-16% grades!

Seaver drops down from the ridge to Hamilton Dr with wonderful views of Mill Valley!


Meet up with group at Hauke Park parking lot.

Return through Hauke Park to the Mill Valley-Sausalito Path and head south from Bayfront Park to Bothin Marsh Preserve along Richardson Bay.

It continues under the Richardson Bay Bridge towards the harbor and Richardson Bay Marina.

Exit the path onto Gate 6 Rd and head south on Bridgeway through the busy waterfront town of Sausalito.

Climb up along 2nd St to South St and Alexander Ave towards the north end of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Turn left across the road at the freeway on ramp and follow the bike path to the Golden Gate Bridge North Tower Vista Point.

Enjoy the magnificent bay views!

Retrace your steps back on the bike path to Alexander Ave, turn left at the freeway interchange and take the tunnel under US-101 to the Marin Headlands on Conzelman Rd.

The climb on Conzelman Rd up to Hawk Hill is 1.8 scenic miles. The first 3/10th of a mile is the steepest with an average grade of 9.6%.

The second section eases up a bit for the next 0.9 mile; it leads up to the traffic circle at McCullough Rd with an average grade of 3.5%.

The third section kicks up with an average grade of 6% for the last 0.7 mile to the summit at Hawk Hill.

Enjoy the stunning views!


The descent on Conzelman Rd to the lower Coastal Trail parking lot is very steep with 18% grades-use caution! Enjoy the phenomenal views!

Conzelman Rd continues along Clydes Ridge pass the old concrete batteries at Fort Barry to Field St.

Enjoy the coastal bluffs and ocean views!

Continue on Field Rd towards Point Bonita.

At the traffic circle, turn right onto Mendell Rd, the gravel road leads you past Battery Mendell to the Vista Overlook above Bird Island.

Enjoy the spectacular views of the Golden Gate, Point Bonita Lighthouse, Bird Island, Rodeo Cove, and Rodeo Beach!

Exit the Overlook Area and return on Field Rd to Bunker Rd.

Head west on Bunker Rd towards the Marine Mammal Center.

At the end of Bunker Rd, go straight and continue on the Coastal Trail. The trail leads you on a counter clockwise up around the headlands below Wolf Ridge.

Coastal Trail to the summit at Battery Townsley.

The Coastal Trail drops down towards Fort Cronkhite onto Mitchell Rd to Rodeo Cove with gorgeous views of the lagoon and beach areas.


Lunch stop at Rodeo Beach. Enjoy the fabulous views!


Head east on Mitchell Rd, it leads you out from the beach area along the Rodeo Lagoon to Bunker Rd.

Continue east through the valley on Bunker Rd to the Baker-Barry Tunnel.

At the opposite end of the tunnel, Bunker Rd drops down towards Fort Baker to Cavallo Point Lodge and East Rd.

East Rd climbs out from Fort Baker with 5-8% grades for the return to Alexander Ave.

Retrace your way back through Sausalito on Bridgeway to the Mill Valley-Sausalito Path.

Mill Valley-Sausalito Path to Hauke Park.

Return along Hauke Park to Hamilton Dr.

This wonderful short ride from Mill Valley meanders out to the Golden Gate Bridge and Marin Headlands with spectacular views of the ocean, bays and coastal bluffs around the Golden Gate National Recreation Area!

*The National Park Service and Federal Highway Administration are working to preserve the historic Baker-Barry Tunnel to the Marin Headlands. The tunnel will be closed to all users January 9 through early May 2017 for repairs, improved lighting, and new sewer and water lines. For public safety, some vehicle parking and pull-out areas on Conzelman Road will be closed to ensure a flow of traffic to the headlands. Closures include:

• Baker-Barry Tunnel (the “5-minute tunnel” is closed to all vehicles and bicycles 24 hrs / 7 days)
• Parking at Battery Spencer (hikers & bicyclists can still access Battery Spencer)
• Vehicle Pull-Outs on Conzelman Road (east of the McCullough Road traffic circle)
• No commercial vehicle access to Conzelman Road west of the McCullough Road traffic circle
• Additional closures may be required during peak visitation periods



Garmin Stats:
33.56 Miles with 2927′ of elevation gain
Max elevation: 851′
Max grade: 21%
Terrain: Hilly with steep climbs

Weather: Sunny with clear blue skies.  Temps ranged from the high 30’s to the high 50’s with NE winds.

View the interactive RGPS route map & profile


Follow this route for today’s ride:


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