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I welcome everyone to join me on this fabulous journey of cycling through the “SEASONS of LIFE”; one pedal stroke at a time. I’m loving it, living it and sharing

I hope the write ups and pictures will inspire those who can, to get out there and enjoy the natural beauty of all that is available to us; from the gorgeous landscapes and calming seascapes to the glorious sunrise and peaceful sunsets.

I ride year round and love all kinds of rides! I’m just your average avid cycling enthusiast and if I can do these types of rides, you can too! My primary goal is to always have fun and to complete the rides I choose to participate in; regardless of how long it will take me. I don’t even mind being the last one in. It does take some work to get there, so set forth your intentions, step out of your comfort zone, make the effort and take on some new challenges and experiences. What are you capable of? YOU CAN DO IT! The outcome is very satisfying and rewarding!

Have fun and just ride your bike………


Make everything you do count, ride with meaning and purpose. Being able to get out and ride brings me great solace and peace of mind; a form of active meditation. What does it do for you? Life is about making choices, so have fun, laugh, smile and be happy at whatever you choose to do! LIFE IS NOT ONLY GOOD but GREAT!

Choose to put health and quality of life before work and seek balance. Wake up to the fact that it’s important to live your values and spend your days doing things that matter.

THIS BLOG, LIKE ME IS WORK-IN-PROGRESS. IT’S MY LITTLE CONTRIBUTION TO THE GENERAL CYCLING COMMUNITY. Even if only a single person finds this site to be helpful, then it’s worth my effort.


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