Cycling Trips

Robinson Canyon summit

Robinson Canyon summit

These cycling trips take the roads less traveled as well as the roads well traveled. We never know what’s out there until we get there, that’s half the excitement! The general rule of thumb is to have fun and explore new areas in and around California and beyond.

I do all the research for the cycling trips; maps and route sheets. They get tweaked and corrections are made as we explore the unknown territories and roads. Michael maintains the RV and does everything he can to keep our bikes in top working condition at all times. It’s really a team effort!

We provide our own meals, maps and route sheets along with snacks and nutritional drinks. Our standard breakfast is usually a big bowl of plain oatmeal/oat bran, a plate of fresh cut mixed fruit and a cup of coffee/tea. We always carry lunch with us which is a Peanut Butter Jelly sandwich, a bag of mixed salty nuts, a banana and sometimes an apple or orange. For most of the routes, there are frequent places to explore and find convenience stores or markets on the road. Sometimes, when there is a stop at a bakery or cafe, we will plan ahead to share a sandwich or burger. For dinner, we have either a big bowl of vegetable soup and or a big mixed salad with tuna or salmon. We like to keep things light while we’re out on the road.

The cycling adventures from 2013 to current are self-organized fixed base tours-maybe they can be a resource for your next trip! I hope these rides will inspire you to get out to see and enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds us. If you can be self-sufficient, it’s an economical way to get out and ride without paying someone else to do the planning. All of the rides can easily be modified to a start/finish location of your choice along the route.



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