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It’s time to set some plans for 2013; I have decided to map out & ride self supported Centuries and other organized events & brevet routes. That actually allows much more flexibility in scheduling and also factors in the possibility of weather changes.

My goal this year is fairly simple-ride a minimum of one Century a week-52
Centuries seems plenty enough to do for this year! Check in on me occasionally to see where I’m at reaching this goal.

Set your goals for the year and see them unfold as the days and months go by! Go out and challenge yourself and don’t forget to HAVE FUN and enjoy your surroundings! See you out on the roads!

2013 Centuries:

01/05-Sunol Century
01/10-Windmill Century
01/15-Winters Berryessa Century
01/21-Point Reyes Lighthouse Century
01/29-Napa to Healdsburg 200k

02/04-Cinderella Challenge Century
02/06-The Devil Meets Mr Morgan Century
02/11-Paso Robles: Morro Bay Century
02/20-Novato to Cazadero 200k
02/23-Winters Out & Back-Flat Hundred
02/28-Calaveras Palomares Century

03/05-Bovine Bakery Century
03/12-Las Trampas Century
03/13-Solano County 200k
03/19-Napa Valley Century
03/26-Corral Hollow 200k

04/01-Solvang Century
04/09-Mr Morgan Meets the Devil Century
04/16-Half Moon Bay Coastal Hundred
04/21-Double County Rambling Hundred
04/23-Berryessa Middletown Century
04/27-Wine Country Century
04/30-Grizzly Peak Century

05/08Mt Veeder Berryessa Century
05/12-Morgan Territory Century
05/14-East Bay Hills Century
05/19-Martinez Winters One Hundred
05/25-Discovery Bay Century
05/28-China Camp-Tomales Century

06/02-Mount Hamilton Century
06/05-Sonoma-Coleman Valley Century
06/08-Pierce Point Ranch Century
06/11-Del Puerto Canyon Century
06/15-California Delta Century
06/21-Martinez-Livermore Century
06/26-Valley of the Moon Century
Pt Reyes Lighthouse-Lifeboat Station Century

07/03-Tour de East Bay Hundred
07/09-Knoxville Century
07/10-Climbs of the Valley Century
07/13-Del Valle Century
07/18-Mt Tam Century
07/31-WA: Maltby-Mount Vernon Century

08/04-WA: Everett-Mukilteo-Whidbey Island Century
08/06-WA: Skagit County-Three River Century
08/16-Holstein Three Bakery Hundred
08/23-Tour de Contra Costa Century
08/29-Wooden Valley-Mt George Century

09/06-East Bay Four Bakery Century
09/13-Sunol-Calaveras Century
09/17-Morro Bay-Ragged Point Century
09/27-Palomares-Cull Canyon Century

10/01-Morgan Territory-Dublin Hills Century
10/17-Winters Century


2012 Event Rides:

02/12 – SF-Two Rock-Valley Ford SFR 200k Brevet-COMPLETED
03/03 – Davis to Pope Valley-DBC 200k Brevet-COMPLETED
03/10 – SF-Healdsburg/Russian River SFR 300k Brevet/Tandem-COMPLETED
03/31 –
Cinderella Challenge-DNF/BIKE ACCIDENT!
5/05 – Wine Country Century-35 Mile Route on a recumbent-COMPLETED
06/03 – Sequoia Metric Century-COMPLETED
6/30 – Alta Alpina Challenge-Wild Sierra Century-COMPLETED
07/14 – Death Ride-Tour of the California Alps/5 Passes-COMPLETED
07/28 – Santa Cruz Mountains Challenge-COMPLETED
08/04 –
Marin Century-COMPLETED
08/11 –
Santa Cruz to HMB & Buena Vista SCR 300k Brevet/Tandem-COMPLETED
09/08 – Cycle Oregon (Week Ride 09/08-09/15)-COMPLETED
10/06 – Furnace Creek 508 4-Tandem Relay (10/06-10/07)-COMPLETED


2011 CTC Doubles& Other Events

02/12-Tour de Palm Springs-COMPLETED
03/26-Solvang Spring Double-DNF
05/07-Tour of the Unknown Coast-COMPLETED
05/21-Davis Double (Tandem)-COMPLETED
06/04-Eastern Sierra Double-COMPLETED
06/25-Grand Tour Lowland (Tandem)-COMPLETED
07/30-Santa Cruz Mountains Challenge-COMPLETED

09/17-Knoxville Fall Classic Double:Staff Ride-COMPLETED
10/08-Bass Lake Powerhouse Double-COMPLETED
10/22-Wheels for Meals Ride-COMPLETED


2010 CTC Doubles:

01/23 – SFR 200k Brevet-Pt Reyes Lighthouse-COMPLETED
04/10 – Mulholland Double Century-COMPLETED
04/24 – Devil Mountain Double Century-COMPLETED
05/15 – Davis Double-COMPLETED
06/19 – Terrible Two Double Century-DNF
08/07 – Mt Tam Double Century-COMPLETED
09/25 – Knoxville Fall Classic Double Century-COMPLETED
10/09 – Wheels for Meals Ride-COMPLETED


2009 CTC Doubles:

05/16 – Davis Double-COMPLETED


2008 CTC Doubles:

04/05 – Hemet Double-COMPLETED (NO Ride Report)
05/17 – Davis Double-COMPLETED
06/28 – Grand Tour Highland-COMPLETED (No Ride report)
09/20 – Knoxville Fall Classic Double-COMPLETED (No Ride report)


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