Avila Beach Adventure 2014


Avila Beach is a beautiful small beach town in San Luis Obispo County (SLO) on the Central Coast of California. The beach itself is sheltered in San Luis Bay making it therefore much sunnier and warmer than other beach towns in the surrounding area. Tourists flock to this popular place for the resort style of living, great weather, sandy beaches, hot springs and golf course.

During the spring, summer and fall, you can ride the free beach trolley from Avila Beach to Pismo Beach and back. It’s a very convenient way to get around the beach towns without having to drive and worry about parking. The Bob Jones Trail is another great way to get around; it’s a smooth paved flat 3 mile trail that starts out at the trailhead on Ontario Rd along San Luis Obispo Creek. It continues to run along the north edge of the golf course to Avila Beach and Avila Pier.


For this self organized fixed base tour, we stayed at the Avila/Pismo Beach KOA Campground. This location is ideal for the South SLO County routes out along the quiet back roads to Lopez Lake, Huasna Valley, Edna Valley and Prefumo Canyon.


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