Disclaimer & Bicycle Safety


We all love being out on the open roads for the joy of being able to ride from Point A to Point B and beyond.

The harsh reality is that cycling comes with the inherent risk that sometimes is beyond our control. We share the road with 2-ton vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists and unknown factors on a daily basis. We need to not only ride in a safe manner but to also learn to ride smart. Wear a helmet, obey traffic laws and be courteous to motorists and cyclists alike. Ride with caution and use common sense.


I ride with a blinking headlight and taillight during the day, use a rear view mirror and always wear obnoxious bright colored jerseys, vests and jackets. Do your part to be seen by motorists on the road!

Check this link out: Ten Ways to Not Get Hit by Cars

All the maps, rides, route sheets and other data presented are for informational and reference purposes only and may not be 100% accurate. I assume no liability for the information and documents provided on this blog site. You assume total responsibility and risk associated with the use of all materials presented on this site.

Before embarking on any chosen ride, do a little research and check on the local road and weather conditions. Also check traffic conditions as they constantly vary day to day in the densely populated Bay Area.

I like to use these links for checking the weather and traffic:


National Weather Service

KTVU Real-TimeTraffic

ABC Bay Area Web Cam




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