Delta Ramble-Elk Grove

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

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This flat route takes you along the winding levees roads through the rich agricultural farmlands, vineyards and orchards around the scenic Sacramento Delta area. Head north from Isleton to Walnut Grove, Franklin and Elk Grove with a return south through the towns of Hood and Courtland.

Begin this ride along the Sacramento River in the town of Isleton.

Head north on Hwy 160/River Rd towards the Isleton Bridge.

At Isleton Bridge, go straight-the road name changes to Isleton Rd as it continues along the river on the east edge of Andrus Island.

Turn right at Andrus Island Rd; the single lane road travels across the island through the expansive farmlands and pastoral fields.

The road curves northerly as it continues along the waterway to the bridge crossing over Georgiana Slough.

Continue north along the Sacramento River on River Rd/ E13; the road runs through the towns of Walnut Grove and Locke from Tyler Island to Randall Island.

Vorden Rd heads inland through the fallow fields and orchards to Herzog Rd.

Herzog Rd turns northward as it goes through the fertile open fields and vineyards along Snodgrass Slough before coming to a T junction at Lambert Rd.

Sandhill Cranes sighting!

Turn right on Lambert Rd; this levee road heads east through the extensive vineyards and open fields located around the protected lands at Stone Lakes National Refuge Area. The road continues under I-5 to a T junction at Franklin Blvd.

Continue north on Franklin Blvd; the road travels through the cattle ranches and orchards located south of Elk Grove to the historic town of Franklin.

Turn right on Bilby Rd; the road cuts across the Rr tracks as it takes you along south edge of Elk Grove to the residential subdivisions along Willard Pkwy for a stop at The Raley’s Center.

Meander around neighborhoods on the east side of town on Elk Grove Rd to Fire Poppy Dr, Bellaterra and Whitelock Pkwy back to Willard Pkwy.

Return along Willard Pkwy back to Bilby Rd and Franklin Blvd.

Head west through the town of Franklin on Franklin Hood Rd to the I-5 overpass.

The road goes across the north end of Stone Lakes National Refuge Area and the Sacramento Drainage Canal into the town of Hood.

Head south on River Rd/Hwy 160; the road goes along the Sacramento River on the edge of Randall Island with grand views of the river and its surrounding farmlands and orchards.

Turn right on Randall Island Rd; this short detour rolls through the pear orchards and packing facility along the Sacramento River before exiting back onto Hwy 160.

Hwy 160 continues south along the river through the town of Courtland to Paintersville.

Cross Paintersville Bridge to stay on Hwy 160; the travels through a canopy of trees to the bridge crossing at Steamboat Landing.

Cross Steamboat Slough Bridge onto Grand Island Rd.

Go south on Grand Island Rd; the levee road goes along the east side of Grand Island along Steamboat Slough to Steamboat Resort with wonderful views of the vast orchards and vineyards.

The road leads you to the Historic Grand Island Mansion:

Grand Island Rd continues along Steamboat Slough with gorgeous views of the expansive agricultural farmlands, orchards and ranches.

W Walker Landing Rd takes you SE through the pastoral lands, fallow fields and ranches.

Turn right on Poverty Rd; the road heads south as it cuts through the middle of the island to Hwy 160.

Cross Isleton Bridge and continue on Hwy 160 back to Isleton.

Explore some of the less-traveled roads around the heart of the lush Sacramento River Delta region. You’ll enjoy the traffic-free levees roads around the islands and take in the scenic views of the expansive farming areas around the  delta waterways!

Garmin Stats:
53.67 Miles with 266′ of elevation gain
Max elevation: 73′
Max grade: 5%
Terrain: Flat

Weather: Sunshine with partial clouds. Cool temps ranging from the high 40’s to the high 50’s with NW winds.

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Delta Ramble Elk Grove

Follow this route for today’s ride:


  1. Nancy, almost look’s like Springtime is near. A lot of greenery. Flat too ! Minus -1 degrees here. Bye-Bye ! From Michael and Maydene.


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