Santa Clara: Metcalf-San Felipe-Hassler

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

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Michael and I are out for another cycling adventure-“gone local” with a South Bay Ramble: Ride #1-This short hilly route from South San Jose goes up Metcalfe Canyon on Metcalf Rd to San Felipe Rd. It continues NW along San Felipe from the woodlands to the residential subdivisions around the Silver Creek Valley and Villages Country Clubs. The ride meanders around the upscale neighborhoods to the climb up Hassler Pkwy along The Ranch Golf Club. It returns SE along Hellyer Ave and the Coyote Creek Trail to Metcalf Park.

We exit Metcalf Park and take the Coyote Creek Trail south to Metcalf Rd.

Metcalf Rd stretches 5.8 miles from the Coyote Creek Trail to the east end at San Felipe Rd. The road goes pass the PG&E substation before crossing over US-101 to Malech Rd.

Metcalf Rd starts to seriously kick up from underneath the transmission cables at the rural access road for the next 1.2 miles towards the summit at the Motorcycle County Park.

This Billy Goat climb up Metcalfe Canyon is steep with grades of 11-14% along with full sun exposure!

The road eases down to grades of 7-9% as it winds up the canyon for the next 0.6 mile to the park.

At the summit, we stop and chit chat with Fast Freddie and Marcus ” the next up and coming best young rider”. They’re out on Metcalf shooting a commercial for the 2015 Tour of California. Check out the Fast Freddie Foundation and the Fast Freddie Gran Fondo. You can also see Lick Observatory at Mt Hamilton!

Metcalf Rd descends into the shaded woodlands along Las Aminas Creek to the open upper valley.

The road continues with some rolling climbs through a scattering of secluded ranches and older country homes.

Metcalf Rd climbs up from Black Mountain Grade before dropping from the canyon to San Felipe Rd.

San Felipe Rd continues NW on rolling terrain through a canyon.

The road pitches up with grades of 8-11% for 3/10th of a mile up to the cattle pens at San Felipe Ranch.

From the summit, the road sweeps around the sweet bends of the valley.

San Felipe Rd continues on a gentle descent under the shade of the eucalyptus groves out to the residential subdivisions.

San Felipe Rd continues to descend through the Silver Creek Valley and Villages Country Club neighborhoods.

Larkspur Canyon Rd climbs up to Bentley Ridge for 0.4 mile with 5.5-10% grades.

Stop at Canyon Creek Park to enjoy the panoramic views of Santa Clara Valley-WOW!

The route meanders along the upscale homes on Bentley Ridge before dropping down onto Hillstone and Silver Creek Valley.

Hassler Pkwy enters under the stone archway to the Ranch Golf Club.

Hassler climbs out from Silver Creek Valley to the summit at Hill Top View Ln with steep grades of 10-13% for 0.7 mile.

Enjoy the fantastic valley views!

The road swiftly drops down along the Ranch Golf Club to Dove Rd. Dove Rd runs parallel along US-101 to Hellyer Ave.

Hellyer Ave sits above US-101 and heads south on rolling terrain through the tech and industrial areas of south San Jose.

Silicone Valley Blvd crosses over US-101 to Eden Park Pl with an immediate right turn onto the Coyote Creek Trail. The trail follows Coyote Creek and continues under the freeway to Forsum Rd and Metcalf Park.

This is a fabulous hilly bang for your buck ride with plenty of hills, thrills and gorgeous scenery! Get your climbing legs on and go for it!  This short ride allowed us to leave Martinez around mid-morning after commute hours and still left us with plenty of time to check in at the RV Park.

Garmin Stats:
21.24 Miles with 2156′ of elevation gain
Max elevation: 1017′
Max grade: 14%
Terrain: Extremely hilly with steep climbs

Weather: Sunny and warm with clear blue skies. Temps ranged from the low 50’s to the mid 60’s with mild NE winds.

View the RGPS route map & elevation profile


Follow this route for today’s ride:


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