Carneros Valley-Huichica Creek Wildlife Area-Mt Veeder-Dry Creek

Friday, June 16, 2017

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This ride takes you through the beautiful vineyards around Carneros Valley and out through the gorgeous wetlands and sloughs around Huichica Creek Wildlife Area. It continues with a beautiful quiet climb up Mt Veeder Rd followed by a scenic run along Dry Creek Rd.

Begin this ride from the corner of Golden Gate Dr & Stanly Ln in Napa. Head south on Stanly Ln for a leisurely roll through the beautiful Stanly Ranch vineyards.

Continue through the beautiful vineyards on Stanly Cross Rd.

Exit Stanly Ranch onto Cuttings Wharf Rd to Las Amigas Rd.

Turn left on Buchli Station Rd, it rolls through the Bouchaine Vineyards before coming to an end at the Huichica Creek Wildlife Area parking lot.

Continue through the gate and follow the gravel levee road south along the slough on the west side of Coon Island.

Enjoy the glorious panoramic views!

Follow the levee road westward as it rolls along Appleby Bay and Napa Slough. The road comes to an end at the little pier.

Enjoy the wonderful panoramas!

The levee road extending across Huichica Creek is seasonally closed for ground-nesting birds.

Reverse your way back towards the parking lot.

Detour along another levee road for a scenic out and back jaunt.

Enjoy the views!

Cross the RR tracks and retrace your steps on Buchli Station Rd to Las Amigas Rd.

Las Amigas Rd continues west through the wineries and rolling vineyards around the Carneros region before coming to a T at Duhig Rd.

Enjoy the magnificent views!

Turn right onto Duhig, it tilts up for a short scenic climb through the rolling vineyards. Enjoy the wonderful views!

The road drops down onto Hwy 12/121; turn left on Old Sonoma Rd and another left onto Dealy Ln for a scenic run through the rolling vineyards along the east side of Carneros Valley.

Continue east on Henry Rd, it climbs up and over the hill before coming to a T junction at Buhman Rd.

Turn northward through the vineyards on Buhman Ave.

Buhman Ave kicks up for a short climb out of the valley before dropping through a residential neighborhood. Continue on Browns Valley Rd to Redwood Rd.

Head north on Redwood Rd, it exits town and continues for 2.5 gentle rolling miles through the beautiful wooded canyon. This quiet back road winds along Redwood Creek with a few scattered country homes, ranches, and vineyards.

Mt Veeder Rd begins where Redwood Rd veers to the west; it’s 4.2 miles to the summit at Wing Canyon Vineyards. This splendid country back road winds its way up through the wooded Pickle Canyon with fabulous views of the hillside vineyards and dense green forests.

The stair step ascent on Mt Veeder Rd begins with 1.6 miles of rolling terrain up to Popeye and Olive’s wooden boat.

The next 1.5 miles has gentle 3-6% grades to the yellow farm house at mile marker 2.75.

From mile marker 2.75, the road kicks up to steeper grades of 9-10% for the next 0.8 mile to the Mount Veeder Winery sign.

From this point, the road tilts for next 3/10th of a mile to the summit at mile marker 4.25 with steep grades of 11-13%! You’re near the top when you see the 2300 road marker.

Enjoy the views!

The descent on Mt Veeder Rd is on rough pavement with two little humps followed by a twisty bumpy downhill to Dry Creek Rd.

Stop at Dry Creek Lokoya Fire Dept.

Continue on Dry Creek Rd for the next 9.5 miles; the rolling descent winds down the canyon along the creek through the scattered horse ranches and farmhouses.

The road winds up through the woods with a 4% half mile climb towards a residential community and quickly exits out to Napa Valley.

The three-mile stretch along the valley has superb views of the surrounding mountains and the acres and acres of vines.

Take Redwood and ride through the residential neighborhood on Westview Dr to Browns Valley Rd. Head south on Thompson Rd; the gentle 0.7 mile climb up to the vineyard has an average grade of 3.6% followed by a descent to Congress Valley.

Turn east on Congress Valley Rd for the climb out of the valley on Old Sonoma Rd; it’s 0.4 mile with 4-6% grades. Old Sonoma Rd drops down to the residential neighborhoods at the SW edge of Napa.Turn right onto Foster Rd and a left on W Imola Ave to Golden Gate Dr.

Golden Gate rolls south along Hwys 29/121/12 to Stanly Ln.

This is a fabulous ride along the country back roads through the gorgeous wineries and vineyards around the Carneros Wine Region in Napa County. You’ll enjoy the beautiful rolling hills and the beautiful quiet shady stretch along Redwood Creek to Mt Veeder and Dry Creek! The remote ride along the levee roads at Huichica Creek Wildlife Area is a little-hidden gem, you’ll love it! *Currently there are several short gravel sections going up south Mt Veeder Rd.

Garmin Stats:
50 Miles with 2651′ of elevation gain
Max Elevation: 1338′`
Max grade: 13%
Terrain: A few low hills

Weather: Sunny and HOT! Temps ranged from the low 70’s to the high 90’s with SW winds.

View the interactive RGPS route map & profile

Follow this route for today’s ride:


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