Two Bridges: Zampa-Carquinez to Benicia-Martinez

Friday, July 25, 2014

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This short scenic ride goes across the Zampa-Carquinez Bridge into Vallejo. It meanders the city streets to Glen Cove Pkwy and Benicia Rd into Benicia to the Bay Area Ridge Trail through Benicia State Park. It continues on 1st St to Benicia Point before going around the marina to E 5th St and Military E. Park Rd leads to the Benicia-Martinez Bridge crossing over the Carquinez Strait into Martinez.

We begin this early evening ride out of Martinez on Arnold to Glacier and Vine Hill to Alhambra Ave.

Franklin Canyon Rd runs 4.4 miles from the SE end at Alhambra Ave to the NW end at Cummings Skywy between Hwy 4 and the Franklin Hills. The road begins with a short little bump from under the Muir trestle up to the wall of colorful murals. Franklin Canyon drops down through a small community with horse and cattle ranches, vineyards and residential farm houses and ranch type homes. The terrain up through the wooded canyon has minimal to no traffic with an average grade of 2%.

The road does kick up to steeper grades of 6-8% for the last 0.4 mile to the top of Franklin Ridge at Cummings Skywy.

Cummings Skywy crosses over Hwy 4 and runs along the top of the ridge for 2.1 gentle miles to Crockett Blvd with great views of the soft rolling hills and west Contra Costa.

Crockett Blvd drops us down into the town of Crockett; it’s a fun sweeping descent on very smooth pavement with fabulous views of the Zampa-Carquinez Bridge towers.

We head west on Pomona St towards the Zampa-Craquinez Bridge.

The Carquinez Bridge Trail leads us across the Zampa-Carquinez Bridge with fabulous views of San Pablo Bay.

Stop at the Vista Point to enjoy the bridge and bay views!

We exit the Carquinez Bridge Trail onto Maritime Academy Dr and cross Sonoma Blvd to the residential neighborhood along 5th St. The turn on Magazine Dr leads us up and over I-80 to the Beverly Hills neighborhood in Vallejo.

Fulton Rd takes us onto Glen Cove Rd; this road cuts across I-780 to the outskirts of town to Benicia Rd and Columbus Pkwy.

The Bike/Ped path on Rose Dr takes us across I-780 to Benicia State Recreation Area.

The Bay Area bay Trail goes through the park with wonderful views of the marshlands and blue waters of the Carquinez Strait.

We exit the path onto W K St; this road takes us along the residential waterfront homes in Benicia. 1st St heads west through the old downtown area out to Benicia Point and pier. E B St leads us onto the Bike/Ped path along the Benicia Marina to E 5th St.

We head east on Military E to Jefferson St and go up Park Rd towards the Benicia-Martinez Bridge.

The Benicia-Martinez Bridge Bike/Ped path takes us across the Carquinez Strait back to Martinez.

This is a great balmy early evening ride to escape the high daytime inland temperatures around Contra Costa County. You will be rewarded with the views of a glorious sunset-it’s a beautiful way to end the day!

Garmin Stats:
32.52 Miles with 2192′ of elevation gain > extra miles from taking detours
Max elevation: 689′
Max grade: 8%
Terrain: Some hills

Weather: Sunny and warm with temps ranging from the high 70’s to the low 90’s. NW winds with 13% humidity

Click here to view the interactive route map & elevation profile


Follow this route for today’s ride:

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