Furnace Creek 508 2012: Stage 2-California City to Trona

Saturday, October 6, 2012

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Willy and Deb did a fantastic job getting through Stage 1! The baton has been passed to Jason & Lisa and they’re off to tackle Stage 2. They head north for 12 miles along flat rolling desert terrain through Fremont Valley in the Mojave Desert. At the right turn on Red Rock/Randsburg Rd, the RR track crossing has humungous cracks, so Steve motions them to a safer section to cross over. Thanks Steve!

The tandem is moving at a pretty good pace as they pass several single riders heading towards Randsburg. The surrounding desert landscape has its own stark and unique beauty! The road cutting through the valley and rising up towards the mountains is absolutely mesmerizing!

At around mile 110, they climb 1500′ in seven miles to Johannesburg. The climb is deceiving, it’s much steeper than it looks and steadily increases as the road continues on.  

Jason & Lisa are both using Camelbaks and don’t require much attention. They stop once during the climb to refill their packs and get a bottle filled with iced Coke. A thumbs up means they’re doing fine and we move forward in the van.

They reach Randsburg at the top of the climb and ride through the small town to continue towards Johannesburg.

Another 2 miles and they’ve reached the town of Johannesburg.

The route continues on Trona Rd for the next 21+ miles through the Golden Valley Wilderness. The rolling climbs take them up and around the mountains. The landscape is absolutely gorgeous back here!

The rolling climbs is followed by a 3 mile descent, a RR crossing and a longer 6 mile descent to Hwy 168 into Trona and the Searles Valley. A huge mineral chemical plant sits in the center of town next to the dry lake bed.

The time station is located next to the T-Stop gas station. Tim and I gear up and await the arrival of Lisa & Jason and the support van. They roll in at 7:00 PM and we head out for Stage 3 about 15 mins after.

Start time: 15:01

Miles: 71.32
Elevation: 4212′
Arrival at Time Station #2-Trona: 19:01
Elapsed Time: 09:31:00
Time from Last Station: 04:00:00
Avg Speed: 17.80 mph
Miles into Race: 153.8
Temps: Mid to high 80’s-sunny blue skies

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Click here to view the route map & profile

This is the route sheet for Stage 2:

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