Cycle Oregon 2012: Day 4-Prospect to Ashland

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

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We’re falling into a rhythm here to eat, ride, eat some more & sleep; 5 AM always comes way too soon! After the cold walk over to the dining area for breakfast, we retreat to the tent and get back into the sleeping bags to warm up before getting ready for the start of another ride.

We’re exit Prospect at 7:30 AM-37F and head south on Butte Falls-Prospect Rd. The terrain starts off fairly flat through the open ranges for the first few miles. I love how the morning sun shines across the whole of the land and cast shadows of everything in its path!

The terrain then changes and continues with a series of short climbs and descents through forest lands followed by a ride through a plateau past high mountain meadows. The grades range from 4-7% with max pitches of 9%. 

We arrive at the water stop off Lodgepole Rd at 9:25 AM, mile 15.2-48F.

The terrain remains the same for the next 5 miles; short climbs and descents through the forests and then a final longer descent with a very small bump that takes you into Butte Falls. We arrive at the rest stop-Butte Falls City Park at 9:55 AM, mile 25-63F.

We exit town on Butte Falls-Fish Lake Rd and stay on this road for the next 18.4 miles through the deciduous forests of the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest. The first few miles are flat with views of the open meadows, thereafter we’re on to a steady climb with a short descent in between. The gradient starts off gently at around 3% and steadily increases to grades 4-6%, maxing out near 8% as we near the water stop.

We reach the water stop–Alley/Norman Rds at 11:55 AM, mile 38.7-93F. I see Jim D from Valley Spokesmen here-they have a large group of members riding this event.

Leaving the water stop, there is a short 3 mile rolling climb to our next turn onto Hwy 140.

From Hwy 140, we immediately turn onto Big Elk Rd/USFS Rd #37 and ride 1.4 miles to the lunch stop at Big Elk Guard Station. We arrive at 12:50 PM, mile 45.1-86F. This is a gorgeous lunch setting surrounded by towering conifers.

The next 6 rolling miles on Big Elk Rd continues through the National Forest out to the open meadows and pasture lands.

The turn on Dead Indian Memorial Rd leads us to the next rest stop at Lily Glen Equestrian Camp, mile 55.3 at 2:30 PM-91F. The watermelon served at this stop was cold and sweet-very refreshing for this hot afternoon!

The flat terrain through the prairie leads us to the last climb of the day on Dead Indian Memorial Rd; it’s a 4 mile climb up to the ridge on wonderful pavement with grades of 4-5% up to the summit at 5231′.

We have a blasting 13 miles descent that drops us into the town of Ashland. The valley views are spectacular!

The few turns through town lead us to the campsite located on the open grounds of Southern Oregon University off Iowa St. It’s 4:05 PM, mile 77-97F. We’re done for the day!

Laundry service is being offered at this camp, so we’re taking full advantage of it. They give you a long tie strap that snaps together, all you have to do is loop your clothes through it and close the snap. All proceeds goes towards a sports scholarship fund for the University-GREAT!

Dinner is roasted pork loin with peas & onions, wild rice, salad and mango cake.

Much thanks to all the CO volunteers for being out there to support all the riders! Riding through the majestic coniferous forests and high mountain meadows shows the natural beauty of Oregon.

VDO Stats:
77.67 miles
5547′ of elevation gain
Avg grade: 3%
Max grade: 9%

Weather: GREAT! Cold sunny morning with clear blue skies. Early morning temp in the mid 30’s and reaching a high of 97F in Ashland.

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The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn ~Ralph Waldo Emerson


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  1. hey nancy, your blog is way cool as always. if you keep doing multi day tours i may never finish sorting through my inbox. and your images are fantastic. BTW how’d you get that smudge to migrate from the right side of the lens to the left side?

    Chris, You’re not suppose to notice stuff like that! I now have to remind myself to clean the lenns once in awhile. Nancy


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