Paso Robles: Union-Creston-Linne

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

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Click here-Tarantula sighting! 

Day 5: Today’s route begins with a gorgeous run through the wineries and vineyards along the Union Rd Wine Trail to Geneseo and Creston Rd. It continues SE for a jaunt through the horse farms and vineyards before heading into Creston for lunch at the Creston Country Market & Deli.  The course returns on Creston Rd and Geneseo for a beautiful jaunt through the wineries and vineyards along the Linne Rd Wine Trail.

We exit Barney Schwatrz Park and head east on Union Rd. 

The 5.6 gentle miles goes through the wineries and vineyards along the Union Rd Wine Trail.

The rolling terrain on north Geneseo Rd goes through a small rural ranching community along Dry Canyon.

Geneseo Rd climbs up from the canyon to the summit at 1194′ elevation with gentle grades of 3-4%.

The road drops down from the top of the hill with fabulous views of the surrounding mountains and vineyards around Cass Winery.

Geneseo Rd continues south through the remote ranches along the dry sandy Huerhuero Creek.

The road comes to a sandy creek crossing followed by a steep climb up to Rancho Verano Pl; it’s 2/10ths of a mile with 11-12% grades!

Geneseo Rd descends through a rural horse ranching community with open paddocks and pastoral lands. 

We continue south on Creston Rd for one flat mile along the impressive acreage horse training facility at Windmill Farm.

The turn on Camp 8 Rd is a wonderful scenic detour off Creston Rd; it’s a 2.9 miles stretch of fence lined road that goes along the beautiful green pastures at Windmill Farm to the CA-41 S.

The flat-rolling terrain extends east along the valley vineyards and olive farms to the scattered country ranch homes and barns.

Near the end of the road, we stop to watch a tarantula safely cross the road after seeing a car narrowly missing it.


The 2.2 rolling miles along CA-41 S goes through the upper hillside vineyards followed by a drop into the valley.

The turn on CA-229 takes us south through the flatlands and ranches to the rural town of Creston.

We stop for lunch at the Creston Country Market & Deli. They serve fresh made to order sandwiches and artisan pizzas along with the usual deli items.

The whole place is decorated up for Halloween.

We reverse our way back along CA-229 to CA-41 N.

Creston Rd rises slightly above the valley floor with great views of the vast farmlands, open meadows and vineyards.

We return through the horse ranches on Geneseo Rd for the short climb up to Rancho Verano Pl.

The downhill takes us back across the dry sandy creek crossing towards the vineyards at Cass Winery.

At the corner of Geneseo and Linne Rd, we stay on Linne Rd for a scenic jaunt on the Linne Rd Wine Trail. The trail extends 3.2 rolling miles through the vineyards and country ranches between Cass Winery and Sculpterra Winery.

Linne Rd exits onto the open valley with wonderful views of Paso Robles back country and hillside vines.

Linne Rd winds around the outskirts of town through the industrial park area on Fontana and Sherman Rd. We take Creston Rd to Golden Hill Rd and return to the park on Union Rd.

This ride takes the roads less traveled along the scenic wine trails to the country back roads out to the old western town of Creston. This short ride caps off our 5 days of cycling around Paso Roblesis; it’s just enough miles to exercise the legs before sitting and driving 3+ hours in the RV-it leaves us plenty of time to get back home before nightfall.

Garmin Stats:
34.70 Miles with 1496′ of elevation gain

Max elevation: 1167′
Max grade: 12%
Terrain: Flat-rolling with one short steep climb

Weather: Sunny and warm with clear blue skies. Temps ranged from the mid 50’s to the low 80’s. NE Winds with 12% humidity

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Follow this route for today’s ride: