Pleasants Valley-Monticello Dam-English Hills-Gibson Canyon

Saturday, March 4, 2017

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This ride rolls through the beautiful Vaca Valley before heading west along Putah Creek on CA-128 for an out & back up to Monticello Dam. The route continues eastward for a quiet roll through the beautiful orchards and valley farmlands around Solano County. The return south travels around the English Hills followed by roller coaster run through Gibson Canyon back to Pleasants Valley.

Begin this ride from Pena Adobe Park in Vacaville. Cross over I-80 on Cherry Glen Rd to Pleasants Valley Rd.

Pleasants Valley Rd is a gorgeous stretch of flat road that begins along Vaca Valley through the rich farmlands and orchards with fantastic views of the Vaca Mountains.

The rolling climbs take you through the valley with horse and cattle ranches, farms and nurseries.

Pleasants Valley continues north towards Cantelow Rd.

The gentle rolling terrain continues through some horse ranches with paddocks to the pastoral lands with grazing cattle.

The road roughly follows Pleasants Creek through the scenic valley before crossing over Putah Creek towards the T-junction at CA-128.

Enjoy the views of Putah Creek and Lake Solano!

Continue on CA-128 W; the rolling terrain follows the curvatures of Putah Creek along the edge of Yolo County for 4.7 gentle miles towards Canyon Creek Resort with great views of the mountain ridges.

The road enters into Napa County as it crosses over Putah Creek for the climb up to Monticello Dam; it’s 0.7 mile with gradient ranges of 6-8%.

Stop at Monticello Dam and take in the view of The Glory Hole. The spillway swallows water at a rate of 48,800 cubic feet per second, emptying about 700 feet away through an enormous concrete pipe. The outside diameter is 72 feet, slowly narrowing to 28 feet at the exit.*1

Turn around and return east on CA-128.

Roll through the valley orchards to the town of Winters.

Lunch stop at Lester Farms bakery on Railroad Ave.

Continue south on Railroad Ave to the valley orchards along Putah Creek Rd.

Meander around the beautiful flat lands through the orchards and ranch houses along Boyce to Wolfskill and Halley.

Sweeney Rd and N Meridian Rd takes you out through the rich expansive agricultural and pastoral lands around east Yolo County.

Head west on Allendale Rd for 2.8 flat miles through the open fields and farmlands.

The rolling terrain on Timm Rd, Peaceful Glen, and English Hills Rd lead you south around the English Hills residential ranching communities to Cantelow Rd.

Continue south on Gibson Canyon Rd, the rolling climbs drops you down into Vaca Valley.

Cross Vaca Valley to Pleasants Valley.

Head south on Pleasants Valley Rd back through Vaca Valley to Cherry Glen Rd and Pena Adobe.

This is a fabulous scenic ride through the valley flat lands along the lower foothills of the Vaca Mountains to Monticello Dam. You’ll enjoy the run through the beautiful orchards and expansive agricultural farmlands and the rolling climbs around the English Hills to Gibson Canyon!

Garmin Stats:
53.53 Miles with 1988′ of elevation gain
Max elevation: 390′
Max grade: 10%
Terrain: Rolling with a few low hills

Weather: Partly cloudy. Temps ranged from the low 50s to the mid 60’s with brisk SE > SW winds.

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