Mt Diablo-The Essence of Spring

Friday, April 11, 2014

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The sole purpose of riding up Mt Diablo today is to check out its ever changing landscape; this post highlights the essence of spring with the blooming of orange poppies and yellow wildflowers along the slopes of the most recognizable mountain in the Bay Area.

North Gate Entrance on North Gate Rd: verdant foothill is aglow and dotted with grazing cattle and horses from the nearby ranches:

Poppies and wildflowers along the lower slopes:

Magnificent spread of yellow wildflowers with oak studded canyons and dense chaparral:

A sprinkling of poppies lining the road up to Diablo Ranch:

Green slopes with scatterings of beautiful orange poppies:

Spectacular beds of deep orange poppies up along the switchbacks and fence lines:

Gorgeous views from the upper ridge to the Junction Ranger Station:

Beautiful green slopes peppered with orange poppies:

Burn-zone area flourishing with white wildflowers underneath the burned out manzanitas:

Young green buds sprouting from the blackened slopes:

Sweet honey scented white blooms lining the road up towards Juniper: 

Green slopes with poppies a a few wild purple lupines:

Honey scented white blooms lining the edge of Juniper Lookout area:

Poppies sprinkled amid the green slopes on Summit Rd:

Green buds and white wildflowers arise from the burned out manzanitas:

Magnificent views from Summit Rd:

Purple lupines, poppies and yellow wildflowers:

Swath of sweet honey scented white flowers welcome you to the climb up “the wall”:

Enjoy the phenomenal views from the summit:

Scenes from the downhill on North Gate Rd:

Make your way up Diablo now before the spectacular blooms fade away! No one says you have to go at it fast; take it slow and easy to enjoy the colors and sweet scents all the way up to the summit.

The cycle of life always prevails; with life comes death and rebirth-everything comes around full circle!

Garmin Stats:
49.31 Miles with 4649′ of elevation gain from Martinez
30 Miles Miles with ~3961′ of elevation from start at Heather Farm

Max elevation: 3745′
Max grade: 17%
Terrain: Extremely hilly with one very steep climb

Weather: Sunny and warm with temps ranging from the mid 50’s to the high 80’s. Mild NW winds with 72% humidity

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Follow this route for today’s ride with a start from Heather Farm: