Jelly Belly Run

Sunday, February 12, 2017

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This ride takes you north across the Benicia-Martinez Bridge into Solano County for a fun run to the Jelly Belly Factory in Fairfield.

Head north on Fig Tree Ln and make your way through the city streets towards the Shell refinery to the south end of the Benicia-Martinez Bridge Trail. The trail goes across the bridge for 2.1 miles with a short half mile 4% pitch up to the center span.

At the north end of the path, turn right onto Park Rd. The road continues north through Benicia’s industrial park and business centers to E 2nd St.

Cross Lake Herman Rd onto Lopes Rd. Lopes is a quiet less traveled frontage road that runs along the west side of I-680 with beautiful views of the marshlands and sloughs along Grizzly Bay.

The flat-rolling terrain on Lopes takes you to the freeway overpass at Marshview Rd. Enjoy the gorgeous early tree blossoms and mustard covered hillsides!

Lopes Rd continues through the residential subdivisions of Fairfield/Cordelia to Gold Hill Rd.

Cross over I-680 on Gold Hill Rd to Ramsey Rd; this less traveled side road goes along the east side of I-680 towards the I-80 junction in Cordelia.

Turn right on Bridgeport Ave at Old Cordelia and cross the RR tracks onto Cordelia Rd. Continue east on Cordelia Rd to the short climb up and over to the south edge of Green Valley.

Cordelia Rd leads out to the open valley floor with nut orchards and rich agricultural farmlands to the edge of the industrial park area in Fairfield to Chadbourne Rd.

Chadbourne Rd turns north as it continues through the industrial business park area to Courage Dr, N Watney Way and Jelly Belly Ln.

Jelly Bean Ln leads to the destination stop at the Jelly Belly Candy Factory. At the factory, you can load up with a variety of jelly beans and other chocolate delights and even take a free tour of the facility.

The post lunch route includes a little short loop around the business park area along Watney Way back to Courage Dr and Chadbourne Rd.

Retrace the route on Cordelia Rd through the industrial park area back to Bridgeport Ave.

Return on Ramsey Rd to Gold Hill Rd.

Head south on Lopes Rd and crossover I-680 at Marshview Rd to Goodyear Rd.

Goodyear Rd is a frontage road that runs parallell to the freeway with fantastic views of Solano County’s wetlands and marshes. You can’t miss the views of Diablo either!

Turn left on Lake Herman Rd and continue on Industrial Way to Park Rd. Reverse the route back on Park Rd to the Benicia-Martinez Bridge Trail.

Cross over Carquinez Strait and return through Pacheco to Martinez on Morello Ave.

This wonderful scenic flat ride is an easy way to get some miles in without too much effort. The Jelly Belly Candy Factory is a fun destination stop too!

Garmin Stats:
47.09 Miles with 1467′ of elevation gain
Max elevation: 171′
Max grade: 7%
Terrain: Flat-rolling with a few low hills

Weather: Sunny and mild. Temps ranged from the low 50s to mid 60’s with NE winds.

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