Bay Area Sights & Stories

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Jesse & Nancy

“My name is Jesse Wippert. I’m a 29-year-old documentary filmmaker in Marin County. I have a project I recently started called “Bay Area Sights & Stories,” an online collection of short videos of diverse stories from around the Bay Area. It’s a project I’ve started for the enjoyment of making videos, meeting new people, and my love for the Bay Area. It’s my passion project which I do on my free time.”

Bay Area Sights & Stories is an online series of documentary shorts exploring the diversity of the Bay Area – its people, cultures, geography and wildlife.
It’s our home. It’s your life. What’s your story?

Check out his site and find your love of the Bay Area in one of his Sights and Stories.

Do you know of a good Bay Area story? We’d love to tell it. We’re interested in anything and everything! Please contact Jesse by email or on our Facebook page, and let’s share your story with the community. *1


This story of Ride Chronicles was done in collaboration with Jesse. He did an outstanding job!