Carquinez Scenic-Zampa Bridge-Mare Island-Crockett

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

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This ride goes along the Carquinez Regional Shoreline on the George Miller Trail into Crockett before crossing over the Zampa Bridge into Vallejo for a jaunt around Mare Island Naval Complex. The return includes a climb up Crockett Blvd to Cummings Skywy.

Head north on Fig Tree Ln to Midhill and Morello Ave. Climb past the Shell Refinery on Pacheco Blvd to Shell Ave and roll down through the County Courthouse to Marina Vista Ave.

Views of Martinez Regional Shoreline Park.

Jog around the city streets on Berrellessa to Buckley and Talbart St to the George Miller Trail; it begins with a steep climb up to Alhambra Cemetery.

The road winds around the shoreline to the trail gate with open views of Carquinez Strait.

George Miller Trail continues through on a 1.7 mile stretch of no-through traffic road to the west end at Little Bull Valley.

The trail climbs up from the valley before dropping down to Canyon Lake Dr at Port Costa; it’s followed by another climb to the high point at Bull Valley Staging Area.

George Miller Trail winds down around the shoreline with views of Carquinez Strait.

The turn onto Pomona St drops you down through the town of Crockett towards the Carquinez Bridge.

Take the Carquinez Bridge Trail across the Carquinez Strait into Vallejo.

Enjoy the views of San Pablo Bay!

Exit the trail onto Maritime Academy Dr and take Sonoma Blvd and Curtola Pkwy towards the Vallejo Ferry Terminal.

Meander along the wharf area around Vallejo Ferry Terminal-enjoy the views!

Exit the wharf and ride along the sidewalk on the west side of Mare Island Way; stay on the sidewalk as it curves to the left along Mare Island Causeway. Cross the Wichels Causeway drawbridge over Mare Island Strait to the Mare Island Navy Complex.

Head south on Walnut Ave, it takes you through the stately Officers’ mansions along Officers Row”.

Walnut Ave continues southward past the old military buildings towards Touro University.

At the traffic circle, go straight onto Azuar Dr.

Turn right onto Club Dr for the steep climb up towards the golf club.

Club Dr drops you down to the Mare Island Golf Club.

U-turn and drop back down on Club to Azuar Dr.

At the traffic circle, go slightly left to stay on Azuar, the road runs northward along the west side of the naval complex.

Turn right onto C St for the return across the Mare Island Causeway to Mare Island Way.

Coffee stop at the Vallejo Ferry Building.

Return on Curtola and Sonoma Blvd to Maritime Academy Dr.

Cross the Zampa Bridge back into Crockett.

Enjoy the views from the Carquinez Bridge Vista Point!

Head east on Pomona St for the climb up Crockett Blvd to Cummings Skwy, it’s 1.9 miles with an average grade of 5.2% and steeper pitches of 7-9% grades.

Head east on Cummings Skwy; this road runs along the top of the ridge with great views of the rolling Crockett Hills to Franklin Canyon Rd.

Descend Franklin Canyon Rd for 4.3 miles to Alhambra Ave.

Alhambra Ave leads back to Vine Hill Way for the return to Holiday Highlands Park.

This is a leisurely ride along the George Miller Trail into Crockett and out across the Zampa Bridge to Mare Island. You’ll enjoy the grand views of the Carquinez Strait and the scenic jaunt around the Naval Complex!

Garmin Stats:
42.54 Miles with 2425′ of elevation gain
Max Elevation: 696′
Max grade: 9%
Terrain: A few low hills

Weather: Sunny & warm. Temps ranging from the high 50’s to the high 70’s with WNW winds.

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