Benicia-Winters-Davis Century

Friday, August 15, 2014

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This flat century heads north for a scenic loop from Benicia to Pleasants Valley Rd in Vacaville to Putah Creek Rd into Winters. It continues around the orchards and farm lands to the university town of Davis. The route returns through the open agricultural flat lands around Yolo County to the gentle rolling hills on Midway to Cantelow, Steiger Hill Rd and Gibson Canyon.

We begin the ride in Benicia on Industrial Rd and head north on Goodyear Rd; this frontage road runs parallel to I-680 for 4.6 flat miles through the open wetlands and sloughs along Suisun and Grizzly Bays. Enjoy the views of the Mothball Fleet and Mt Diablo!

Marshview Rd crosses over to the west side of I-680 onto Lopes Rd; this frontage road sits above the freeway with glorious views of the golden hills and colorful marshlands around Cordelia Slough. Lopes lead us through the newer subdivisions in Cordelia to Gold Hill Rd.

We cross over I-680 once again and continue north on Ramsey Rd through cattle ranches and open meadows into an older neighborhood of Cordelia.

The turn on Pittman Rd leads us to Cordelia Junction; an area filled with the standard fast food chains, gas stations and hotels. The road name changes to Suisun Valley Rd at the I-80 crossing.

We stay on Suisun Valley Rd for a short distance to Rockville and head east on Rockville Rd for the flat 1.7 miles to Abernathy Circle. Rockville Rd takes us through the expansive agricultural farmlands around Solano County.

Abernathy Rd goes along the valley for 1.8 miles through the rich farmlands and vineyards to Mankas Corner.

Keep an eye out for the artsy country themed mailboxes!

Mankas Corner takes us from the vineyards to the outskirt of Fairfield through the suburban neighborhoods and shopping areas on Waterman Blvd and Hilborn Rd.

We exit Fairfield on Lyon Rd; the rolling terrain on this road runs parallel to I-80 towards Lagoon Valley to Cherry Glen Rd in Vacaville.

Pleasants Valley Rd runs 12.4 miles from the south end at Cherry Glen Rd to the north end at CA-128. The flat to rolling terrain goes through the gorgeous Vaca Valley farmlands, orchards and pastoral meadows.

Pleasants Valley continues north with beautiful views of the Vaca Mountains to the west and the rolling green English Hills to the east. Horses and cattle can be seen grazing the open pastures around this ranching community.

The next turn onto Putah Creek Rd has great views of Lake Solano and winds around the flatlands surrounding the orchards and farmlands in the area.

We arrive in Winters for the brief stop at Steady Eddy’s. 

We reverse our way back to Putah Creek Rd and head east for the next 6.9 flat scenic miles through the rich expansive agricultural valley with acres of olive groves and orchards.

Stevenson Bridge Rd takes us across Putah Creek onto Rd 95A.

At Russell Blvd, we stay on the bike path into Davis; this path crosses over the main road a couple of times-use caution and watch traffic!

We exit the path onto Russell Blvd and Sycamore Ln to our lunch stop at the University Mall.

We reverse our way back on Russell Blvd to Rd 95A and head south on Stevenson Bridge Rd to Sievers Rd.

Sievers Rd takes us straight through the tract orchards to Halley Rd. The route continues along the canals and agricultural fields to Sweeney and Meridian Rds.

We head west on Midway Rd pass the Midway Paintball Facility and a couple of RV Parks to the I-505 underpass into the small town of Hartley. We stop at Oates’ Country Store for some cold drinks and snacks-it’s pretty hot out here!

The rolling terrain on Midway leads us through the ranching community around English Hills to Cantelow Rd.

We head south on Steiger Hill Rd; there is a 1.4 mile climb to the top of the hill with an average grade of 3.5%. Steiger Hill drops down onto Gibson Canyon Rd to  Farrell Rd and name changes to Vaca Valley Rd; this road cuts across the valley floor to Pleasants Valley Rd.

Pleasants Valley Rd leads us back towards Lagoon Valley to Lyon Rd.

We make our way back into Fairfield from Lyon Rd and reverse our way back out to Abernathy Rd.

The flats on Suisun Pkwy and Business Center Dr take us back to the I-80 overpass to Pittman Rd.

Pittman takes us back around Cordelia to Bridgeport and Ramsey Rd. Look for the majestic Clydesdale horses roaming the fields!

The crossover on Gold Hill Rd leads back to the flat-rolling terrain on Lopes Rd.

We return on Goodyear Rd to Industrial Rd in Benicia.

This super flat century goes through the scenic agricultural landscapes from the wide open valleys vineyards to the tract orchards and farmlands around Solano and Yolo Counties. It’s a different kind of country riding-you’ll enjoy it!

Thanks to Wyatt for a great tandem ride!

Garmin Stats:
113.17 Miles with 2408′ of elevation gain
Max elevation: 501′
Max grade: 8%
Terrain: Rolling with a few low hills

Weather: Sunny and hot with temps ranging from the low 60’s to the mid 90’s. Brisk SW winds with 68% humidity.

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