Lake Herman-Benicia Waterfront-Military Cemetery

Saturday, November 25, 2017

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This ride crosses over the Benicia-Martinez Bridge for a counter-clockwise lollipop loop along Lake Herman Rd to Columbus Pkwy. It continues along the Bay Area Ridge Trail to Downtown Benicia and the waterfront area at the end of 1st St. The route includes an easy roll along the Benicia Marina followed by a visit to the Benicia Military Cemetery before returning to Martinez.

From Holiday Highlands Park, it’s a quick 3.3 miles through the city streets of Martinez to the Benicia-Martinez Bridge trail off Mococo St.

The mile-long incline across the bridge has an average grade of 4.5% up to the center of the path before dropping to the other side onto Park Rd in Benicia.

Enjoy the beautiful views along Carquinez Strait!

Park Rd goes pass the Benicia Historical Museum and the Amport car lots before the descent along the pipelines to the Valero Oil Refinery.

Stay on Park Rd to 2nd St.

Turn left on Lake Herman Rd, this two-lane back road has minimal traffic with views of the rolling hillsides and our backyard refineries!

The rolling terrain leads to Lake Herman Recreation Area.

Continue west on Lake Herman Rd to the cattle ranch and farm buildings around Sky Valley.

From the Sky Valley, there is a short climb towards quarry at Syar Industries; it’s 0.4 miles with 6-9% grades.

Lake Herman Rd ends at the outskirts of Vallejo at Columbus Pkwy. The descent on Columbus Pkwy winds down through the residential subdivisions along the edge of Vallejo.

The road continues southward towards the strip mall at Rose Center in Benicia.

Turn right onto the sidewalk off Rose St and take the path across I-780 to the Bay Area Ridge Trail through Benicia State Recreation Area.

Exit the trail onto W K St.

Turn right onto W 10th St and meander along the shoreline through Ninth St Park.

Cut across the parking lot and continue on W I St.

At the end of the road, follow the green Bay Trail sign to stay along the shoreline, the trail reconnects to W I St.

Turn right onto W 3rd St followed by another right turn on W H St. At the end of W H St, turn left and follow the public access trail along the shoreline. Enjoy the views!

The trail winds along the shoreline and behind a waterfront home before exiting onto Semple Crossing.

Enjoy the gorgeous autumn colors!

Stay on Semple crossing to Semple Ct.

Turn right at Semple Ct and follow the green Bay Trail sign, it continues along the scenic shoreline to the picnic area at the end of W E St.

Stay on W E St to 1st St and continue through Benicia’s downtown waterfront area.

Ride out to the end of the road on 1st St and stop at Benicia Point Pier.

Enjoy the glorious views!

Exit the pier and meander along the trail around Benicia Marina to the exit at Turnbull Park.

Take E 5th St to E L St and E 7th to Military E.

Turn left on Hospital Rd and follow the green signs to the Benicia Military Cemetery. The road goes under I-680 along the Valero pipelines to Birch Rd.

Drop down Birch Rd to the Benicia Military Cemetery. The Benicia Army Cemetery is the oldest U.S. military post cemetery in the Pacific states. It was the post cemetery for the Benicia Barracks, which from 1849 to 1857 served as the Headquarters for the U. S. Army’s Pacific Division.For much of that period, BeniciaBarracks contained the only army hospital on the West Coast. The cemetery contains 211 internments dating from 1849 to 1958.* 

Benicia Military Cemetery

Return to Military E and take Jefferson St to Park Rd.

Cross the Benicia-Martinez Bridge back into Martinez.

Reverse the route back on Shell Ave, Pacheco Blvd and Morello Ave to Holiday Highlands Park.

Not every ride has to be long and arduous, this leisurely scenic autumn ride is just enough to get the legs spinning and provides a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the gorgeous autumn colors!

*signage at Benicia Military Cemetery

Garmin Stats:
29.92 Miles with 1719′ of elevation gain
Max elevation: 346′
Max grade: 9%
Terrain: A few low hills

Weather: Partly cloudy and cool. Temps ranging from the mid 50’s to the mid 60’s with SE > NE winds.

View the interactive RGPS route map & profile

Follow this route for today’s ride:

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