Anthony Chabot: Columbine-Lookout Ridge-Cascade-Grass Valley-Jackson Grade Trail Hike

Thursday, September 7, 2017

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At Anthony Chabot Regional Park, visitors can explore miles of beautiful hiking, riding, and bicycling trails through grasslands, chaparral, and shady eucalyptus groves, or along the shores of Lake Chabot. The East Bay Skyline National Trail, which traverses 31 miles of East Bay hills from Richmond to Castro Valley, runs the length of the park. *1

Begin this hike from the Clyde Woolridge Staging Area parking lot at the intersection of Skyline Blvd & Grass Valley Rd.

Head east on the Goldenrod Trail, it travels across the grassland along the southwest edge of the park to the next trail junction.

Go straight to stay on Goldenrod; the trail continues downhill to the paved road junction, turn left to stay on Goldenrod.

At the next unmarked trail split, turn left to stay on Goldenrod. The trail winds downhill through the woodland with a glimpse of Lake Chabot.

The trail comes to a split at Bass Cove Trail junction, turn left onto Bass Cove Trail. The trail continues downhill along the NW tip of the lake with beautiful views of the water.

Bass Cove Trail continues through the lush riparian landscape along Grass Valley Creek to the South Columbine Trail junction.

Cross the creek and continue on South Columbine Trail, it gradually climbs up through the woodland above the NW tip of Chabot Lake to Hawk Ridge Group Camp Junction.

Stay on Columbine Trail as it continues to the next junction at Lookout Ridge Group Camp.

Go straight to stay on Columbine Trail, it continues to wind under the shade of the gorgeous woodland with the occasional glimpse of the lake.

The trail leads out towards the towering eucalyptus grove to Quail Trail junction.

Turn left onto Quail Trail, the trail ascends through the eucalyptus stands to the next trail split.

Go left onto the unmarked Lost Ridge Trail, it winds up through the woodland to the junction at Hawk Ridge Rd.

Turn left onto Hawk Ridge Rd, the paved road leads to a fork in the road to Hawk’s Place, Lookout Ridge, and Two Rocks campgrounds.

Go left towards Lookout Ridge, the paved road rolls through the eucalyptus groves to Lookout Ridge Campground.

Exit Lookout Ridge Campground and retrace steps towards the grassy clearing at Hawk Ridge.

At the Columbine Trail junction, turn left and follow the trail into the eucalyptus grove.

Columbine Trail leads you downhill through the gorgeous oak/bay woodland to the North Columbine Trail junction.

Cross Grass Valley Creek and go right onto North Columbine Trail, the trail travels through the beautiful dense riparian woodland along the creek to the next trail split.

At the Cascade trail junction, go right and continue on Cascade Trail. It continues north through the gorgeous lush riparian habitat along the creek towards the Stone Bridge.

The trail exits onto an open clearing at the Brandon Tr/Jackson Grade junction.

Turn right onto Brandon Trail and cross the Stone Bridge to the next junction.

Turn left onto Grass Valley Trail, it ascends through the scenic towering eucalyptus stands.

The trail exits the woodland out to the open Grass Valley meadows and views of the chapparal covered San Leandro Hills.

Continue through the trail gate across the scenic Grass Valley to the Redtail Trail junction.

Go left onto Redtail Trail, it continues through the valley to the next trail gate. It leads you downhill and across the creek before coming to a T junction.

Turn left onto the unmarked Brandon Trail, it leads you southward through the beautiful woodland along Grass Valley Creek to the Jackson Grade Junction.

Go straight onto Jackson Grade, it climbs out from the creek area to the Goldenrod Trail junction.

Continue straight onto Goldenrod for the return to the Clyde Woolridge Staging Area.

This is a fantastic hike around the central and northern part of Lake Chabot Regional Park. You’ll enjoy the moderate climb from the Columbine Trail up to Lookout Ridge and the gorgeous riparian landscape along Grass Valley Creek to the open meadows at Grass Valley!

I participated in this organized hike by the East Bay Casual Hiking group. The trails are well marked, so hike at your own pace!


7.43 miles with 910′ of elevation gain
Max elevation: 646′
Time: 2.5 hrs with one short stop
Hike: Moderate
Parking: No fee at Clyde Woolridge Staging Area at the intersection of Skyline Blvd & Grass Valley Rd in Oakland
No facilities-plan accordingly
Dog friendly

Weather: Cloudy skies with mild temps from the mid 60’s and SW winds.

View the interactive RGPS route map & profile

Print Trail Map *Check updates for trail closures


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