Stockton Ramble-Roberts Island

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

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This ride meanders around the San Joaquin Valley from the city of Stockton along the Calaveras River out through the expansive agricultural farmlands and recreational areas at Roberts Island.

Begin this ride from Nelson Park in Stockton.

Start with a half loop around the tree-lined homes along Brookview and Riverbrook Drs in the Brookside neighborhood.

The road name changes to Brookside Rd as it heads south along the east side of Brookside Golf and Country Club.

As the road turns eastward, turn right onto the Calaveras River Bike Path, the levee road travels along the north side of the Calaveras River.

Exit the path onto Brookside Rd and head south on N Pershing Ave, the road crosses over Calaveras River as it travels through town to W Fremont St.

Turn left onto W Fremont St, the road rolls under I-5 through the industrial part of town.

Take a jog along N Harrison St towards the waterfront.

Turn left onto Miners Levee, the multi-use path takes you along McLeod Lake with views of Banner Island Ballpark and Stockton Arena at Weber Point Events Center.

Follow the path as it exits the park area towards N Center St.

Turn right and stay on the walkway followed by an immediate right turn, the path goes westward along the south side of the lake on Tuleberg Levee.

The path goes past the marina area to its end at Weber Ave.

Exit the path and turn right onto W Weber Ave to Washington St. The road heads west towards the Port of Stockton.

Turn south on S Fresno Ave, it cuts across the Seaport area to the Hwy 4 junction. Head west on Hwy 4 and take the first left turn onto S Roberts Rd.

S Roberts Rd travels southward through the farmland and orchards along the east edge of Roberts Island.

Turn left onto W Muller Rd, it continues across the expansive valley through the tomato fields and orchards.

The road name changes to S Stark Rd as it continues rolling around Roberts Island.

Turn right onto S Island Dr, the road turns NW through the valley farmlands along the island canal ways.

Cross Hwy 4 to stay on S Island Rd, the road continues north through the rich agricultural fields around Roberts Island.

Cross W Jacob Rd to stay on S Island Rd.

Turn left onto W McDonald Rd, it continues NW around the island towards the private access McDonald River Bridge.

Stay on McDonald Rd for a stop at the Tiki Lagun General Store.

Continue on McDonald Rd, it name changes to Neugebauer Rd as rolls along Turner Cut past the Turner Cut Resort and Marina.

The levee road hugs the scenic Turner Cut shoreline with grand views of the blue waterway to the west and the extensive farmlands to the east.

The road wiggles eastward along Turner Cut; the tributary feeds back into the San Joaquin River as the road comes to the Windmill Cove/Holt Rd junction.

Turn right onto N Holt Rd, it runs south through the middle of the island past scattered ranches, cornfields, and pastoral land.

A quick jog on Whiskey Slough to Cook and Trappers Rd leads to Bacon Island Rd. The plan to ride around Bacon Island was deterred due to a road closure on Bacon Island Rd. Oh well, we’ll just have to save the loop for next time.

Retrace route back to Holt Rd to W Jacob Way. Jacob Way runs eastward across the island towards the port area.

The road comes to a T junction, turn right onto S Woodsbro Rd, the levee road rolls along Burns Cutoff before heading south across the farmlands to the Hwy 4 junction.

Head east on Hwy 4 for the next half mile.

Turn left at Port of Stockton Expy, the road leads north towards the industrial area at Rough and Ready Island.

The road name changes to McCloy and Navy Dr as it turns east and crosses over the San Joaquin River.

Turn left onto Washington St, it continues through the Port of Stockton to Weber Ave.

Stay on Weber Ave, it takes you through the downtown area to El Dorado St and Park St.

Park cuts through an old residential neighborhood with beautiful two-story homes.

Turn right on N Baker St, it continues through the stately neighborhood to W Mariposa St.

Cut through the University of Pacific on Larry Heller and Rudkin Way.

Cross the bridge over Calaveras River and return on Brookside Rd to Nelson Park.

This is a wonderful ride that rolls along the scenic waterways and rich agricultural farmlands in San Joaquin County.

Garmin Stats:
58.6 Miles with 260′ of elevation gain
Max Elevation: 226′
Max grade: 5%
Terrain: Flat

Weather: Brilliant sunshine and HOT with some clouds. Temps ranging from the mid 70’s to the mid 90’s with NW winds.

View the interactive RGPS route map & profile

Follow this route for today’s ride:


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