Green Valley-Rockville-Suisun Valley-Gordon Valley-Central County Bikeway

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

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This ride heads north on Green Valley Rd with a short steep loop around the residential neighborhoods west of Green Valley Country Club. The route continues with a scenic run through the vineyards and wineries along Suisun and Gordon Valleys followed by an urban roll out towards Travis AFB with a return along the Central County Bikeway.

Begin this ride from Cordelia Community Park, exit onto Gold Hill Rd and head north on Lopes Rd to Cordelia Junction.

The road name changes to Green Valley Rd as it crosses over I-80 and continues northward past the subdivisions towards the open valley. The road leads out through Green Valley with expansive views of the surrounding mountains and ridges.

At the Rockville Rd intersection, go straight to stay on Green Valley Rd. The road travels through the estate homes along the east edge of Green Valley Country Club.

Turn right onto Green Valley Ln for a short climb up to the end of the road. Turn around and return on Green Valley Ln and Green Valley Rd to Rockville Rd.

At Rockville Rd, turn right and head west along the south edge of Green Valley Country Club for a counter clockwise loop around the country club estates.

The road tilts up for a steep climb with 10-13% grades followed by a short descent to Scot Ct.

From that point, Rockville Rd kicks up again for another steep climb with 12-16% grades!

The road name changes to Glencannon Dr and continues to climb with grades of 14-18% to the top of the hill.

Glencannon Dr drops down with a wickedly steep 18% descent to Rockville Rd, continue downhill on Rockville Rd to the Green Valley Rd intersection.

Cross Green Valley to stay on Rockville Rd, it turns eastward with a gentle climb towards the north edge of Rockville Hills Regional Park.

The road drops downhill to the cross road at Suisun Valley Rd.

At the traffic light, turn left onto Suisun Valley Rd. The road turns northward through the gorgeous vineyards and estate wineries along Suisun Valley.

The road name changes to Wooden Valley Rd as it crosses over into Napa County and continues north through the beautiful valley.

Turn right onto Wooden Valley Cross Rd, the rolling terrain descends through the gorgeous shaded woodland to the Gordon Valley Rd junction.

Continue south through the gorgeous valley vineyards and orchards on Gordon Valley Rd, the road crosses back into Solano County towards Mankas Corner.

Mankas Corner Rd turns eastwards through the valley into Fairfield.


Continue through the Fairfield residential neighborhoods on Waterman Blvd and cross over I-80 on Air Base Pkwy to continue towards Travis AFB.

Turn right at Walters Rd and head south along the edge of Fairfield towards Suisun City.

At Petersen Rd, turn right onto the Central County Bikeway. The bikeway runs parallel along the north side of Hwy 12 as it meanders westward towards the Amtrak Station at Suisun City.

Roll through downtown Suisun City on Main St to Cordelia St.

Exit town on Cordelia St, the road name changes to Cordelia Rd as it continues westward through the industrial park area behind The Budweiser facility.

The short climb drops you down into Cordelia to Bridgeport Ave.

Return on Ramsey Rd and Gold Hill Rd to Cordelia Community Park.

Take the roads less traveled and enjoy this pretty semi rural-urban ride around Solano County that loops out around the Green Valley Country Club, the scenic vineyards and wineries along Suisun, Wooden, and Gordon Valleys and the jaunt on the Central County Bikeway!

Garmin Stats:
49 Miles with 2090′ of elevation gain
Max Elevation: 680′
Max grade: 18%
Terrain: A few low hills with a steep climb

Weather: Sunny, warm and breezy. Temps ranged from the mid 60’s to the high 80’s with SW winds.

View the interactive RGPS route map & profile

Follow this route for today’s ride:



  1. I used to ride some of that route back in 89. They must of taken down the 18% grade signs on Glencannon. As a Michigander I envy your roads. Great pics and write up. I miss it.


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