Party Pardee Metric Century

Thursday, May 18, 2017

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This 100K route by Sacramento Bike Hikers will take you through the beautiful country around Ione, passing Lake Camanche and Pardee Reservoir, through quiet little towns like Buena Vista, Campo Seco, and Valley Springs. The route will provide a challenge for most riders with plenty of “rollers” through the gorgeous green wooded foothills in all their spring glory.*1 

Begin this ride from Charles Howard Park in Ione.

Exit town on Relihan Dr to W Marlette Rd.

Turn left on Dave Brubeck Rd, it travels southward through the open valley grasslands and pastoral meadows.

The road turns eastwards as it name changes to Jackson Valley Rd, the rolling terrain takes you through the gorgeous Jackson Valley along Jackson Creek.

Continue south on Camanche Rd, it rolls through the beautiful Jackson Valley vineyards.

Turn right onto Curran Rd, it stays southward across the valley through the expansive countryside.

Curran Rd continues on rolling terrain along the valley through the scattered country homes to the junction at Camanche Pkwy N.

Turn left on Camanche Pkwy N, the rolling climbs turns eastward across the grasslands through the town of Comanche Village to the junction at Buena Vista Rd.

Head south on Buena Vista, the rolling climbs takes you across the east end of Camanche Reservoir.

The road name changes to Camanche Pkwy S as it crosses into Calaveras County as it meanders south through the wooded foothills below the reservoir.

The rolling terrain continues west to the junction at Hwy 12.

Turn left onto Hwy 12 E for a stop at the Sierra Energy Station in the town of Wallace.

Stay on Hwy 12 E to Southworth Rd.

Southworth Rd continues south through the rural backcountry homes and ranches.

The road turns easterly as it travels across the upper valley ranches and pastoral meadows.

Turn right on S Burson Rd followed by a left on Olive Orchard Rd. The rolling terrain drops down to the junction at Hwy 26.

Cross Hwy 26 onto Garner Pl, the road tilts up for a short climb through the residential neighborhoods at Rancho Calaveras.

Baldwin St continues through the neighborhood with a steep climb to Hart Vickson Ln.

Hart Vickson forges uphill towards the hilltop homes at Gopher Ridge.

Silver Rapids Rd drops down from the ridge towards Hogan Dam.

Go straight, the road name changes to Hogan Dam Rd as it climbs up along the Calaveras River with views of the stonewall dam.

The road turns northwards as it continues climbing along the west side of New Hogan Lake.

Brief stop at the Observation Point-enjoy the glorious views!

Continue on Hogan Dam Rd, it rolls along the top of the shoreline with grand views of the Hogan Lake, Buena Vista and Hogback mountains!

The road drops down into the town of Spring Valley to the junctions at Hwy 26 and Hwy 12.

Cross Hwy 12 and roll through the residential homes on Laurel St and E Daphne St.

The road name changes to Paloma Rd as it leads you north out through the open pastoral grasslands and valley ranches.

Head west on Camp Seco Rd to Sandretto Rd.

Sandretto Rd turns northerly as it winds towards Pardee Reservoir.

The road leads up to the top of the spillway with amazing views of the dam!

At the stop light, the road name changes to Pardee Dam Rd as it continues on a narrow single lane along the SW side of Pardee Reservoir.

The road climbs up from the dam to the Observation Point.

Enjoy the views!

Pardee Dam Rd continues to climb followed by a downhill to the junction at Stony Creek Rd. Turn left on Stony Creek to Buena Vista Rd.

Turn right onto Buena Vista, the road travels northwesterly as it climbs out from the foothills to Jackson Valley. Buena Vista rolls through the gorgeous vineyards and rural countryside to the junction at Hwy 124.

Return on Hwy 124 n to Charles Howard Park.

The Party Pardee is a fun ride through the rolling foothills of Amador and Calaveras Counties near the gold rush town of Ione. This event always fills up quickly, put it on your calendar for 2018!


Garmin Stats:
64.69 Miles with 3455′ of elevation gain
Max elevation: 869′
Max grade: 12%
Terrain: Moderately hilly

Weather: Mostly sunny and warm. Temps ranged from the mid 60’s to the high 80’s with NW winds.

View the interactive RGPS route map & profile

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