Sonoma Country Backroads Ramble

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

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This clockwise loop meanders around some of Sonoma County’s quiet scenic back roads along the dairy farms with beautiful verdant rolling hills and idyllic pastoral meadows dotted with grazing cows and sheep.

Begin this ride from Lagunitas Brewery parking lot in Petaluma, exit the parking lot and turn left on N McDowell Blvd.

Continue south on Corona Rd.

The road name changes to Skillman Ln as you cross Petaluma Blvd N, it turns westwards leading out of town towards Bodega Ave.

Cross Bodega Ave and head south on Eucalyptus Rd to the junction of Middle 2 Rock Rd.

Turn right onto Middle 2 Rock Rd, the rough pavement leads to a moderate 1.1-mile climb up to the cattle ranch with a max grade of 12%.

Enjoy the views!

The road continues on a gentle uphill to the next high point.

Middle 2 Rock Rd rolls along the ridge with open views of the beautiful pastoral meadows.

The road drops down from the scenic upper valley ranches to Bodega Ave.

Continue west on Bodega Ave for the next 1.2 flat miles.

Turn right onto Pepper Rd, the gentle climb leads up to the ranches at Bianchi Dairy followed by a downhill towards Walker Rd.

Turn left onto Walker Rd, the single lane road cuts across the valley before turning northerly with a short 0.6 mile climb.

The road drops down into the valley as it rolls through the expansive pastoral lands around Straus Tresch Family Creamery.

Walker Rd comes to an end at the junction of Valley Ford Rd.

Turn right onto Valley Ford Rd, the road travels northwesterly up towards the scenic valley farms and ranches with grazing cattle and sheep.

Continue north on Bloomfield Rd, it rolls past the small town of Bloomfield towards the eucalyptus stands.

The road leads up to a 1.1-mile climb towards Burnside Rd with 3-6% grades followed by a downhill to the junction of Canfield Rd.

Turn left to stay on Bloomfield, it leads to another climb up to the next junction at Pleasant Hill Rd. At the stop sign, turn right to stay on Bloomfield, it heads east through the rural country homes and ranches.

Continue east on Lone Pine Rd, it drops downhill to the junction of Hwy 116.

Turn right onto Hwy 116, the short stretch leads to the next turn at Hessel Rd. It meanders south through the country homes to Turner and Blank Rds.

Head south on Peterson Rd, this quiet back road travels through the vineyards and scattered ranches to Roblar Rd.

Take a left on Roblar and continue through the scenic countryside to Stony Point Rd.

Continue southeast on Stony Point Rd, the flat terrain offers expanding views of the gorgeous valley!

Turn left on W Railroad Ave, the road leads out towards Old Redwood Hwy.

Cross Old Redwood Hwy to stay on Railroad Ave.

Cross Pleasant Hill Rd onto E Railroad Ave.

Turn right on Davis Ln, the road turns south as it cuts through the valley ranches into the town of Penngrove.

Return on Old Redwood Hwy and N McDowell to Lagunitas Brewery.

This is a wonderful scenic ride around the gorgeous Sonoma rural countryside!

Garmin Stats:
38.49 Miles with 2136′ of elevation gain
Max elevation: 418′
Max grade: 12%
Terrain: A few rolling low hills

Weather: Sunny and HOT. Temps ranged from the low 70’s to the low 90’s with SW winds.

View the interactive RGPS route map & profile

Follow this route for today’s ride:


  1. Thanks for keeping me on your email list. I hope to ride after the TNT Tahoe season.

    Steve K


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