Embarking on a New Project for 2017

Hello Everyone!

For 2017, I’ve decided to embark on a new project and started a cooking channel; YuCanCook on YouTube.

So what does that mean for Ride Chronicles?

I’ll still be out cycling and hiking around the Bay Area but the amount of blog postings will be slightly reduced.

It will definitely be a balancing act. Life is always subject to change and it’s constantly work in progress…..

Why a cooking channel? Because eating is a simple everyday pleasure. Let’s learn to cook with no borders and enjoy dishes from regional Asian cuisines to the American classics and more. Delicious food brings people together, creates memories and purely warms the heart and soul

Have you eaten yet?  你吃了吗?

New videos will be posted weekly.

I would love to receive your support-subscribe and like the videos!



  1. You are a great cook, Nancy. Just don’t make the same mistake Martin Yan made, stereotyping Chinese people. I can’t wait to see your recipes.


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