Yolo: Hungry Hollow-Dunnigan Hills-Cortina Ridge-Cache Creek-Capay Valley

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

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This counter clockwise loop starting from Capay heads north through Hungry Hollow Valley to the gentle rolling Dunnigan Hills. The ride continues north through the flat agricultural fields from Dunnigan and Arbuckle to Williams, the southern part of Colusa County. It turns SW on Hwy 20 for the scenic run up Cortina Ridge at Jackson Mountain. The return into Yolo County includes a fantastic fun stretch along Cache Creek on Hwy 16 and a beautiful ride through the picturesque Capay Valley and Capay Hills.

Begin this ride from the town of Capay.

Head north on Hwy E4/Rd 85, the flat terrain takes you across Cache Creek as it cuts across the rural farmlands and orchards around Hungry Hollow Valley.

The road continues through the expansive valley with grand views of the Capay Hills to the west.

Hwy E4 leads you around the quiet countryside through the gentle rolling Dunnigan Hills as it continues eastward through the valley.

The road winds its way around the hills past remote ranches and orchards.

Hwy E4 takes you across I-5 into the town of Dunnigan. Continue through Dunnigan on Rd 89 to CoRd 99W.

CoRd 99W is a frontage road that runs parallel along the west side of I-5 from Dunnigan up to Arbuckle. The road crosses into Colusa County as you ride past the ranches and feed warehouses.

It rolls through the flat farmlands and orchards with wonderful distant views of the Sutter Buttes.

Cross under I-5 on Hillgate Rd into the town of Arbuckle. The road turns westward as it leads you out through the valley past the single family homes and small subdivision.

The road travels across the valley orchards and canals to the west end at Arbuckle Golf Club.

Head north on Cortina School Rd, it rolls through the valley landscape of almond orchards with expanding views of the mountain ridges to the west.

Continue to meander through the fertile valley orchards on Meyer Rd to Zumbalt Rd.

The road name changes to 9th St as it enters the town of Williams. 

The turn on E St leads you out of town before coming to a T junction at Hwy 20.

Turn left on Hwy 20, the first 8+ miles takes you through the valley farmlands and orchards.

The road turns slightly with excellent views of Cortina Ridge at Jackson Mountain.

Hwy 20 gradually climbs up a gap across Cortina Ridge with 4-6% grades.

The road turns southward along Salt Creek with a series of short climbs to the scenic upper valley flats around Jackson Mountain.

Enjoy the glorious views of the contoured hills and grazing cattle dotting the bucolic landscape.

Hwy 20 continues with a climb up from Doe Flat to its summit at Becker Flat with a max grade of 7%.

The road drops down the hill to Wilbur Springs at the Hwy 16 junction. Turn left onto Hwy 16, the road turns south for an exhilarating 13+ miles through the canyon along Bear Creek and Cache Creek.

Stop at Cowboy Camp, BLM land.

Continue on Hwy 16, the gentle rolling terrain cuts back into Yolo County as it travels through the beautiful canyon set between the mountain ridges.

Hwy 16 winds along scenic Cache Creek past Cache Creek Canyon Regional Park.

The road continues eastward along the creek through the quiet canyon gorges with grand views of Glascock Mountain.

Hwy 16 emerges out of the canyon north of Rumsey in Capay Valley.

The road travels through the flat rural community of farmers, ranchers, and vintners around the gorgeous valley.

Hwy 16 continues through the rich valley farmlands with views of the Capay Hills to the east and the Blue Ridge Mountains to the west.

The road follows Cache Creek as it continues to flow through the east side of the fertile valley out to Guinda.

Expansive orchards and farmlands line Hwy 16 as it runs straight through the scenic valley.

The road continues south as it crosses through Capay Valley to the Cache Creek Casino Resort.

Enjoy the splendid valley views!

Hwy 16 turns eastward through the valley for the return to Capay.

This ride takes you far away from the urban trappings of the Bay Area to the quiet country back roads leading out to the expansive agricultural valleys and beautiful canyon gorges from Yolo to Colusa counties. Follow the scenic Cache Creek and take in a slice of rural paradise through the spectacular Capay Valley! The experience is well worth the drive!

Weather: Partly cloudy with periods of sun. Temps ranged from the low 50’s to the low 60’s with NW winds.

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Follow this route for today’s ride:

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