Napa: Chiles Pope Valley-Ink Grade

Saturday, August 13, 2016

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This ride travels through the picturesque Napa Valley before heading further north along Chiles Creek up towards Chiles Mountain. It continues through the scenic Chiles Pope Valley out to Pope Valley. The return includes a quiet climb up to Howell Mountain on Ink Grade Rd to White Cottage followed by a wicked descent on Deer Park Rd to Silverado Trail.

Begin this ride from Yountville Park on Lincoln Ave at the north end of Yountville.

Exit the park on Monroe St to Yount Mill Rd; this quiet back road winds through the valley vineyards and cattle ranch around the Yountville Hills.

Head north on Hwy 29 along the gorgeous estate wineries and vineyards around Napa Valley.

CA-128 E/Rutherford Rd cuts across the valley floor to Silverado Trail.

Turn right on Silverado Trail followed by an immediate left to stay on CA-128 E/Sage Canyon Rd. The rolling terrain goes along the edge of Lake Hennessey to the boat launch parking lot.

Continue on Sage Canyon Rd/CA-128 E to Chiles Pope Valley Rd junction.

Chiles Pope Valley Rd stretches 12.3 scenic miles from Sage Canyon up through Chiles Pope Valley to Pope Valley. The road runs northward on fairly flat terrain along the east edge of Napa County Regional Park District-Lake Hennessey to Moor Creek Park.

The road tilts up for a gentle climb up to Chiles Mountain through the beautiful canyon along Chiles Creek to Lower Chiles Valley Rd with an average grade of 4%.

Chiles Pope Valley Rd continues up Chiles Mountain for the next 2.4 miles up to a high point at Dalraddy Vineyards.

The road continues through the upper valley vineyards and open meadows along Maxwell Creek.

Chiles Pope Valley Rd climbs up under the shaded woodland before dropping down through the expansive valley vineyards.

The road continues northwest into Pope Valley.

Stop at the Pope Valley Market.

Pope Valley Rd takes you along Pope Valley through the scenic vineyards and wineries.

Ink Grade Rd is a fabulous less traveled back road that climbs up towards Howell Mountain on a single lane with literally no traffic. The road starts off with a half mile climb with an average grade of 6.3%; it winds up along the hillside with gorgeous mountain and woodlands vistas.

Ink Grade Rd wiggles up along the ridge for the next 1.1 rolling miles through the woodlands to the narrow switchback over Burton Creek.

The road slightly kicks up again and continues to steadily climb for the next 2.5 miles with an average grade of 5.9%. It winds up long the open hillside vineyards and under the woodlands to the hillside orchard.

The leafy woodlands give way to towering mixed conifers as you continue up the narrow road between the guardrail and mossy rock walls.

Ink Grade Rd levels out as you exit the woods out to a small clearing towards White Cottage Rd.

The climbing isn’t quite over just yet, the turn onto White Cottage Rd has a short 3/10th of a mile pitch before descending Angwin‘s residential neighborhoods out to the estate vineyards near Four Corners.

At Four Corners, hang a right onto Deer Park Rd; this road quickly plunges down Howell Mountain to Silverado Trail on super smooth pavement-use caution!

The flat miles on Silverado Trail south takes you along the spectacular vineyards and wineries around Napa Valley!

Yountville Cross Rd cuts across the valley into Yountville.

This is a wonderful ride along the quiet country back roads through the picturesque Napa Valley out to Lake Hennessey and Pope Valley. You’ll enjoy the beautiful lake views, gorgeous valley vineyards and the quiet canyon climbs up to Chiles Mountain and Howell Mountain!

Weather: Sunny and hot. Temps ranged from the low 60’s to the mid 90’s with SW winds.

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Chiles Pope Valley

Follow this route for today’s ride:


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