Delta: Locke Historic District-Clarksburg Wine Country

Friday, August 5, 2016

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This route meanders along the flat winding levee roads around the rich fertile Sacramento Delta Region from Locke Historic District to the beautiful Clarksburg Wine Country.

Walk along Main St at Locke Historic District.

Exit town on Locke Rd to River Rd.

Head north along the east side of the Sacramento River on River Rd for the next 6.1 flat miles. The road travels past the beautiful delta fruit orchards, vineyards, ranches and river front homes.

Cross over the river on Paintersville Bridge and continue north on Sutter Slough Bridge Rd.

The road name changes to River Rd/Co Rd E9 as it rolls further north along the west side of the Sacramento River.

Turn left onto Co Rd 143, the road cuts across the delta farmlands and vineyards.

The levee road continues along Elk Slough with gorgeous views of the expansive delta vineyards.

Co Rd 141 turns slightly eastward across the vineyards to River Rd.

Continue north along the Sacramento River on S River Rd past the river front homes in Clarksburg to the Freeport Bridge.

Stay on S River Rd, it meanders along the river with wonderful views of the open farmlands and vineyards.

Turn southward on Babel Slough Rd, the levee road rolls along Babel Slough with views of the waterway and the delta farmlands and vineyards before coming to a T junction at Jefferson Blvd.

Jefferson Blvd heads south through the open farmlands to Willow Point Rd.

Willow Point Rd turns eastward and continues across the farmlands around Willow Point.

Willow Ave turns SE into Clarksburg.

Stop at the Old Sugar Mill.

Meander along the city streets of Clarksburg to Netherland Ave.

Netherland rolls southward out of town through the vineyards, ranches and farmlands with distant views of Elk Slough.

Continue south on Co Rd 145/Waukeena Rd, the levee road travels along the west side of Elk Slough to Courtland Rd.

Cross Elk Slough on Courtland Rd back to S River Rd and Sutter Slough Bridge Rd.

The road name changes to Hwy 160 S as it rolls past Paintersville Bridge towards Steamboat Landing.

Cross Steamboat Slough Bridge to stay on Hwy 160 S, the levee road travels along the west side of the Sacramento River to Walnut Grove.

Cross the Walnut Grove Bridge and turn north on River Rd for a stop at Mel’s Mocha & Ice Cream.

Stay on River Rd for the return to Locke.

This is a wonderful scenic ride around the beautiful vineyards, agricultural farmlands, sloughs and waterways of the California Delta with fabulous views of the Sacramento River! You can enjoy some wine tasting at the Old Sugar Mill in Clarksburg and flavorful ice cream and coffee at Mel’s Mocha & Ice Cream in Walnut Grove!

Garmin Stats:
48.09 Miles with 240′ of elevation gain
Max elevation: 38′
Max grade: 5%
Terrain: Flat

Weather: Sunny and warm! Temps ranged from the low 60’s to the low 80’s with SW winds.

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Locke Clarksburg

Follow this route for today’s ride:

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