San Joaquin: Camanche Reservoir-Pardee Dam-New Hogan Lake

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

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This scenic route travels east from Lockeford for a wonderful loop along the quiet country back roads out to Camanche Reservoir, Pardee Dam and New Hogan Lake. The roads less traveled goes through the small towns in the Sierra Foothills from San Joaquin and Amador Counties to Calaveras County and back.

Head east out of Lockeford on Main ST/Hwy88 through the center of town out to the valley vineyards and orchards around Clements.

Turn left and head north on N Mackville Rd, the road crosses over the Mokelumne River and Coyote Creek as it continues through the beautiful valley vineyards.

Continue eastward on E Liberty Rd, the flat-rolling terrain cuts through the open ranch lands, grassy meadows and farm lands around the Central Valley.

The road name changes to Camanche Pkwy as it crosses into Amador County with gorgeous views of Camanche Reservoir.

Camanche Pkwy winds around the north shore of the reservoir with short rolling climbs and max grades of 7-9%.

It crosses over the reservoir with grand views of the blue waters.

The road continues up along the north shore through the waterfront homes in the town of Camanche, California Historical Landmark #254.

Camanche Pkwy rolls through the small town center out towards the T junction at Buena Vista with a gentle climb.

Turn left on Buena Vista and head north through the open prairie meadows to Stony Creek Rd.

Stony Creek Rd climbs up towards Waters Peak for 0.5 mile with grades of 7-9% before dropping down towards Pardee Reservoir.

Turn right onto Pardee Dam Rd and head south along the west shore of Pardee Reservoir in the Sierra Foothills.

Stop at Pardee Reservoir Vista Point. Enjoy the gorgeous lake views!


Pardee Dam Rd name changes to Sandretto Rd as it crosses over the Mokelumne River into Calavers County on the single lane road above Pardee Dam.

Sandretto Rd rolls through the beautiful foothill landscape past Camp Pardee to the south tip of the reservoir at Camp Seco Rd.

At Campo Seco Rd junction, turn left and head east on the single lane road to Paloma Rd.

Turn right and head south on Paloma Rd, it travels through a scattered rural ranch community at Valley Springs, California Historical Landmark #251.

Stop at Valley Springs Center.

Continue south on Hwy 26 to Hogan Dam Rd, the rolling terrain runs along the west edge of New Hogan Lake/Reservoir.

Hogan Dam Rd continues winding around the reservoir and golf course subdivisions to New Hogan Dam.

The road name changes to Silver Rapids Rd as it turns westward to Hwy 26.

Hwy 26 heads south through the town of Rancho Calaveras to Olive Orchard Rd.

Olive Orchard Rd crosses over Indian Creek before tilting up for a very short steep climb with grades of 10-12%.

The road drops down past the estate homes at Olive Orchard.

At the S Burson Rd junction, turn right and head north on Burson Rd. The rolling terrain winds around the open valley ranch lands and orchards to the unincorporated community of Burson.

Stop at the Burson Market.

Continue on S Burson Rd to Camanche Pkwy S.

Camanche Pkwy S travels westwards along the south shore of Camanche Reservoir to the town of Wallace off Hwy 12.

Sight of a wildfire burning off Hwy 26!

Return west on Hwy 12, it crosses back into San Joaquin County through the rich Central Valley farmlands, vineyards and orchards.

Roll back through the town of Clements to Lockeford.

This is a fabulous ride around flat valley farmlands at the northern edge of the Central Valley to the less-traveled roads around the Sierra Foothills! You’ll enjoy the beautiful reservoir vistas and the unusually smooth pavement through the tri-counties!

Garmin Stats:
63.33 Miles with 2539′ of elevation gain
Max elevation: 780′
Max grade: 12%
Terrain: Flat-rolling with a few low hills

Weather: Sunny and warm. Temps ranged from the mid 60’s to the mid 80’s with NW winds.

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Camanche Pardee Lake Hogan

Follow this route for today’s ride:


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