Napa: Yountville-Sage Canyon-Lake Hennessey-Lake Berryessa-Pope Valley

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

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This scenic ride heads east from Yountville in Napa Valley to Lake Hennessey on Sage Canyon Rd/CA-128 E. It continues out to Lake Berryessa on Berryessa Knoxville Rd followed by a climb up Pope Canyon into Pope Valley. The return includes a fun rolling stretch on Chiles Pope Valley Rd followed by a grand sweeping descent along Chiles Creek back to Lake Hennessey.

Begin this ride from Yountville Park on Lincoln Ave at the north end of Yountville.

Exit the park on Monroe St to Yount Mill Rd; this quiet back road winds through the valley vineyards and cattle ranch around the Yountville Hills.

Head north on Hwy 29 along the estate wineries and vineyards around Napa Valley.

CA-128 E/Rutherford Rd cuts across the valley floor to Silverado Trail.

Turn right on Silverado Trail followed by an immediate left to stay on CA-128 E/Sage Canyon Rd. The rolling terrain goes along the edge of Lake Hennessey to the boat launch parking lot.

Lake Hennessey!



Meet up at Lake Hennessey boat launch area.

Continue on Sage Canyon Rd/CA-128 E to Chiles Pope Valley Rd junction.

Turn right and head east on Sage Canyon Rd/CA-128; the rolling terrain for the first 2.4 miles goes along Sage Creek to the gates at Kuleto Estate Winery.

The road climbs out of the canyon with gradient ranges of 5-8% for one mile.

The road levels out and continues pass the Nichelini Family Winery towards Lower Chiles Valley Rd.

CA-128 E continues through the vineyards along Elder Valley followed by a fast sweeping descent to Berryessa Knoxville Rd near Turtle Rock.

Berryessa Knoxville Rd drops down through the canyon along Cappell Creek to the western shores of Lake Berryessa.

The one short climb from Capell Cove up to the ridge has fabulous views of the lake and the surrounding mountains.

Enjoy the views of Lake Berryessa and the distant ridges around Vaca Mountains!

Continue on Berryessa Knoxville Rd for the next couple of miles to the Spanish Flat Country Store.

The half-mile climb from Spanish Flat up to the Fire Station is followed by a rapid descent into Quarry Canyon. The road gently tilts back up to the Dufer Point Visitor Center at Lake Berryessa.

Enter through the exit gate at the south end of Oak Shores main entrance to the Acorn Beach picnic area.

Lunch at the Lake Berryessa Oak Shores-Acorn Beach Area.


Enjoy the views of the lake!

Continue north on Berryessa Knoxville Rd for the next 6 miles; the rolling climbs has gradient ranges of 5-9%.

The bridge crossing over Lake Berryessa takes you onto Pope Canyon Rd with beautiful lake views!

Pope Canyon Rd begins with a steep 8-11% climb followed by a short descent and another climb with grades of 6-8%.

The remaining 6+ miles of rolling terrain through the desert like landscape surrounding Cedar Roughs leads out to the expansive Pope Valley.

The remaining flat gentle rolling miles through the canyon follows Pope Creek out to Pope Valley.

The valley floor opens up to expansive fields with pastoral grasslands and vineyards.

Cut through the valley vineyards on Pope Valley Cross Rd to Chiles Pope Valley Rd.

The right turn on Chiles Pope Valley Rd leads into Pope Valley to the Pope Valley Market.

Stop at Pope Valley Market.

Head SE on Chiles Pope Valley Rd; the first couple of miles goes along the valley through a ranching community with views of the open meadows and hillside vineyards. The road kicks up for a 0.6-mile climb with 5-8% grades.

The next 3.7 miles of flat rolling terrain takes you pass the many vineyards,ranches, olive groves and open grasslands.

The one little hump pass the last vineyard is followed by a fun sweeping descent along Chiles Creek through Sage Canyon.

Chiles Pope Valley Rd leads back onto CA-128 W.

Return around Lake Hennessey on CA-128/Sage Canyon Rd to Silverado Trail.

The flat miles on Silverado Trail south takes you along the spectacular vineyards and wineries around Napa Valley!

Yountville Cross Rd cuts across the valley into Yountville.

This is a wonderful ride through the picturesque Napa Valley along the country back roads to Lake Hennessey, Lake Berryessa and Pope Valley. You’ll enjoy the scenic lakes and the wide open valleys on the roads less-traveled.

Garmin Stats:
66.59 Miles with 3179′ of elevation gain
Max elevation: 963′
Max grade: 11%
Terrain: Flat-rolling with a few low hills

Weather: Partly cloudy, humid and warm. Temps ranged from the high 50’s to the low 70’s with brisk SW winds.

View the interactive RGPS route map & profile

Lake Berryessa

Follow this route for today’s ride:

View the interactive RGPS route map & profile

Lake Hennessey

Follow this route for the short version of today’s ride from Lake Hennessey:

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