Cantelow-English Hills-Putah Creek-Pleasants Valley

Friday, April 29, 2016

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This route travels along the scenic Vaca Valley followed by a short climb up English Hills on west Cantelow Rd  It meanders through the semi-rural communities out to the flat agricultural farmlands and orchards into the town of Winters. The return to Vacaville includes the beautiful long rolling stretch on Putah CreeK Rd towards Lake Solano and through the gorgeous valley orchards, farms and ranches on Pleasants Valley back to Pena Adobe.

Begin this ride from Pena Adobe Park in Vacaville and cross over I-80 onto Cherry Glen Rd.

The turn onto Pleasants Valley Rd takes you along Vaca Valley with beautiful views of the open farm lands and orchards.

The rolling climb leads us out through the valley to the open hillside meadows with fabulous views of the Vaca Mountains.

Continue north on Pleasants Valley Rd to Cantelow Rd.

Cantelow Rd begins on flat terrain along a white picket fence lined road between two ranches.

The climb to the upper guard rail at the summit is 0.8 mile. The road ascends with grades of 7-9% to address 3490.

The road winds up around English Hills with great views of the valley below!


Cantelow kicks up with steep grades of 11-14% for the 0.1 mile to address 3497.

The road continues winding uphill with grades of 10-12%.

It eases down to lesser grades of 8-9% as you near the top.


Enjoy the valley views!


Cantelow drops down gently along the lower ridge with fabulous open valley views!

The road continues to descend English Hills along English Creek to English Hills Rd.

The turn on English Hills Rd leads you around the rural countryside homes and ranches.

The rolling climbs on Peaceful Glen Rd continue east around English Hills to Timm Rd.

Head north on Timm Rd; it takes you out of the ranching community with views of the expansive valley and the Vaca Mountains.

The road name changes to Allendale as it turns eastward through the valley to the I-505 underpass.

Head north on Meridian Rd for the jaunt around the rich agricultural fields and orchards on Halley and Wolfskill Rd.

Boyce Rd cuts through the orchards and farmhouses to Putah Creek Rd.

Putah Creek Rd travels along Putah Creek to the trestle train bridge into the town of Winters.

Stop at Rotary Park or Steady Eddy’s off Main St.

Return on Railroad Ave to Putah Creek Rd; the road continues west through the orchards.

Putah Creek continues along Lake Solano from Putah Diversion Dam to Pleasants Valley Rd.

Turn left onto Pleasant Valley Rd; the rolling terrain runs south through the valley orchards and ranches.

The road continues through the horse ranches with views of the Vaca Mountains and English Hills.

The gentle rolling terrain continues along the valley towards Mercier Grapevine Nursey.

Pleasants Valley Rd rolls back through Vaca Valley to Cherry Glen Rd.

Head east on Cherry Glen Rd to Rivera Ave for the return to Pena Adobe Park.

This ride takes you along the scenic orchards and rich agricultural farmlands from Solano County to Yolo County. You’ll enjoy the roll through the gorgeous valleys and low hills around Vaca Valley to the English Hills.

Garmin Stats:
43.6 Miles with 1480′ of elevation gain
Max elevation: 704′
Max grade: 14%
Terrain: Flat-rolling with one steep climb

Weather: Sunny and warm. Temps ranged from the low 60’s to the low 80’s with SW winds.

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Cantelow Pleasants Valley

Follow this route for today’s ride:

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