EB Hills: Leimert-BBR-Pinehurst-Wildcat-Grizzly Peak

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

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Explore the East Bay Hills via the residential neighborhoods around Oakland from Shafter to 41st St to Linda Ave and around Piedmont from Wildwood to La Salle and St James. Head SE on Leimert and Monterey to BBR and Redwood Rd. Continue northward on Pinehurst Rd to Canyon and Moraga Way into the town of Orinda for lunch. Climb Wildcat and head south on Grizzly Peak Blvd to Skyline, descend Tunnel Rd and Broadway back to Temescal.

Begin the ride from Temescal Regional Recreation Area.

Descend Broadway to Golden Gate Ave & Chabot Rd.

Continue through the Lower Rockridge, Shafter and Temescal neighborhoods on Miles Ave to Forest St and Shafter Ave.

Head east on 41st St and Linda Ave towards the Grand Lake area through the business district and neighborhoods.

Meander through the residential neighborhoods and estate homes in Piedmont from Wildwood and Crocker to Farragut and Seaview.

Wind up through the hilly residential homes around Upper Crocker Highlands and Trestle Glen on La Salle Ave to St James Dr.

Cross Park Blvd and roll across the Leimert Bridge over Sausal Creek on Lemiert Blvd into the Oakmore area.

Stay on Lemiert Blvd, the road climbs up to the top at Oak Crest Dr for 1.1 mile through the Oakmore neighborhood with an average grade of 7%.

Drop down from Lemiert Blvd onto Monterey Blvd; the road climbs up along Hwy 13 to Joaquin Miller Rd for 0.4 mile with grades of 4-5%.

Cross Hwy 13 at Joaquin Miller Ave for the scenic hilly 1.7 mile jaunt around the Woodminster area along Butters Canyon from Burdeck Dr and Butters Dr to Robinson Dr. The steep section of Butter Dr from Brunell on wards has gradient ranges of 8-10%.

Robinson Rd gently winds back out onto Joaquin Miller Rd for the short climb up to the top at Skyline Blvd. The roll down Skyline leads to the fabulous descent on Redwood Rd. Redwood Rd heading east towards Pinehurst Rd is a fun 2.4 smooth miles through Redwood Canyon. The sweeping turns travels underneath the towering redwoods with minimal to no traffic-this is by far one of the best descents around the East Bay Hills-no braking is required!

The climb up south Pinehurst Rd to Pinehurst Gate is 1.3 miles with an average grade of 4.7% and one steep pitch of 8-9% as you near the top. The descent on Pinehurst down to Canyon Rd is on a narrow twisty two lane road with many blind turns-use caution!

Take Canyon Rd through Valle Vista into the town of Moraga.

Head northwest on Moraga Way, this thoroughfare runs through the residential neighborhoods from Moraga into Orinda.

Lunch stop around Orinda Square in Orinda.

Continue northwest on Camino Pablo-the road leads you out of town towards Wildcat Canyon and Bear Creek Rd.

Climb Wildcat Canyon Rd, the road winds up 2.4 miles under the beautiful canopy of trees to San Pablo Ridge. The first mile towards El Toyonal Rd has grades of 7-9%.

The road eases down to grades of 4-5% up to Inspiration Point.

Wildcat Canyon Rd continues on a flat-rolling descent through the groves of eucalyptus trees around Tilden Park towards the Brazilian Room.

Wildcat Canyon Rd gently rolls along the western edge of Tilden Park from Island Picnic Area to Grizzly Peak Blvd.

Head south on Grizzly Peak Blvd; the road stretches 7.8 miles from its north end at Spruce Ave in Berkeley to the south end at Skyline Blvd in Oakland. The road travels on rolling terrain through the Berkeley Hills neighborhoods for 2.3 miles out to the junction with Golf Course Rd and Centennial Dr.

After crossing Golf Course/Centennial, Grizzly Peak Blvd continues with a steady 1.5 mile climb up to the summit at Frowning Ridge with an average grade of 5.25%.

Enjoy the phenomenal SF/Bay views from the vista overlooks!

Descend Grizzly Peak Blvd to Summit Pass at Fish Ranch Rd/Claremont Ave. Grizzly Peak tilts up for a short climb up towards Marlborough Terrace with fabulous city/bay views!

Grizzly Peak Blvd continues rolling along the ridge to its end at Skyline Blvd with splendid views of the cities below and the volcanic peaks around Sibley Park!

Descend Skyline Blvd and Tunnel Rd to Caldecott Ln before crossing over Hwy 24. Descend Broadway back to Temescal Regional Recreation Area.

This hilly ride allows you to learn something new and acquaint yourself with the busy city streets and beautiful neighborhoods from Oakland and Piedmont to Moraga, Orinda and Berkeley. Climb the classic roads from BBR to Pinehurst and Wildcat to Grizzly Peak Blvd. Take the time to enjoy the stunning ridge top views!

Garmin Stats:
43.9 Miles with 3875′ of elevation gain
Max elevation: 1715′
Max grade: 9%
Terrain: Hilly with steep climbs

Weather: Overcast grey skies with cool temps ranging from the low 50’s to the low 60’s with SE > NW winds.

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EB Hills

Follow this route for today’s ride:


  1. I love your detailed illustrated description of your ride, thank you. It is always impressive to me the many scenic adventures one can have close to home.


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