Franklin Canyon-McEwen-Crockett

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

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Ride through the quiet back roads on Franklin Canyon to McEwn Rd and roll along Carquinez Scenic into Crockett. Complete the loop with a climb up Crockett Blvd to Cummings Skywy followed by a descent along Franklin Canyon back to Alhambra Ave.

Exit Holiday Highlands and jog around the city streets to Alhambra Ave and Franklin Canyon.

Franklin Canyon Rd to McEwen Rd is 3.6 gentle miles along a quiet canyon through a small community with horse and cattle ranches, vineyards and residential ranch homes and farm houses.

The climb up the east side of McEwen Rd is a gentle 1.1 mile with an average grade of 4.2%.

McEwen Rd summit ranch and old barns plus views of Solano County.

Descend McEwen onto Carquinez Scenic Dr.

Turn left onto Carquinez Scenic Dr; the road drops down to the intersection with Canyon Lake Dr at Port Costa.

Stay on Carquinez Scenic for the climb up to a high point at Bull Valley Staging Area.

Carquinez Scenic Dr winds down around the shoreline with views of Carquinez Strait.

Pomoma St drops you down through the residential neighborhood of Crockett to Crockett Blvd.

The climb up Crockett Blvd to Cumming Skywy is 1.9 miles with an average grade of 5.2% and steeper pitches 7-9% grades.

Head east on Cummings Skwy; this road runs along the top of the ridge with great views of the rolling Crockett Hills to Franklin Canyon Rd.

Descend Franklin Canyon Rd for 4.3 miles to Alhambra Ave.

Alhambra Ave leads back to Vine Hill Way and I return to Holiday Highlands Park on Center to Glacier and Arnold.

This ride is just long enough to satisfy my winter cycling needs and short enough to not be out in the cold for too long!

Garmin Stats:
25.42 Miles with 2024′ of elevation gain
Max elevation: 768′
Max grade: 11%
Terrain: Moderately hilly

Weather: Sunny and cool with temps ranging from the low 40’s to the mid 50’s-brisk SE winds.

View the interactive RGPS route map & profile

Franklin Crockett

Follow this route for today’s ride:

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