Summer Day Up Mt Diablo

Monday, August 3, 2015

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This ride goes up Mt Diablo via North Gate Rd to the junction and Summit Rd to the summit.

Mt Diablo State Park North Gate Entrance Station to the Junction Ranger Station is 6.5 miles with an average grade of 6%. Mt Diablo North Entrance to Arroyo Del Cerro Ranch:

Arroyo Del Cerro Ranch to Burma Trail at 1000′ elevation:

Burma Trail to Diablo Ranch-steep 9-11% grade:

Diablo Ranch swithcbacks up to Angel Kerley Trail:

Angel Kerley Trail to Junction Ranger Station:

Summit Rd up to Mt Diablo summit is 4.5 miles with an average grade of 7%. Summit Rd to Livermore Valley Overlook:

Livermore Valley Overlook to Toyon Picnic Area:

Toyon Picnic Area to Grapevine Picnic Area-steep 9-11% grades:

The road eases up from Grapevine Picnic Area to Juniper-Diablo Valley Overlook:

Enjoy the Diablo Valley Overlook views!


Juniper to Devil’s Elbow:

“The Wall”-steep 13-17% grades up to the summit:

Spectacular mountain top views!

Climbing up Mt Diablo is a perennial favorite of mine! Even with California’s on-going drought, the mountain is still a beauty during the dry summer months!

Garmin Stats:
47.76 Miles with 4551′ of elevation gain-start from Martinez
30.4 Miles with ~3961′ of elevation gain-start from Heather Farm
Max elevation: 3781′
Max grade: 17%
Terrain: Extremely hilly

Weather: Sunny and warm with temps ranging from the low 70’s to the mid 80’s with SW winds

View the interactive RGPS route map & profile

Mt Diablo NG

Follow this route for today’s ride:


  1. Nancy, Maydene and I will try this ride but only if it’s start’s at the top for a down-hill run. She say’s it doesn’t look too “Tandem-Friendly” going uphill. I’ll try to convince her otherwise. Seeya, from Michael and maydene !


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