Mendonoma: Manchester-Mountain View-Anderson Valley-Philo Greenwood-Elk

Thursday, July 16, 2015

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Day 6-This ride heads inland for 24.7 miles from Manchester to Boonville along the remote Mountain View Rd. Roll through the gorgeous Anderson Valley on CA-128 and return west on Philo Greenwood Rd for 17.6 miles into Elk. Head south along beautiful Hwy 1 back to Manchester.

Begin this ride from Manchester Beach State Park parking lot at the end of Kinney Rd in Manchester.

Turn right and head south on Hwy 1 for 2.1 miles through the center of Manchester to Mountain View Rd.

Mountain View Rd is a beautiful country back road that stretches 24.7 miles from the coast up to the inland mountain ridges towards Boonville in Anderson Valley. The road has super steep sections and tight turns as it winds up through the scattered country homes, dense forests and ridges on Dry Bridge Mountain. The climbs on this road offers spectacular views of the rugged mountain range and forests-once again, get comfortable being uncomfortable, it’s a long grind!

Mountain View Rd begins with a gradual climb up through the lower valley grasslands to the small community at Rancheria Rd; it’s 1.4 mile with an average grade of 3.1%.

The road drops down for a short distance towards Brush Creek and tilts up for a 6-8% climb pass the blue house to the sweeping left hand S curve.

Mountain View Rd kicks up dramatically for the next half mile with super steep grades of 16-20% to mile marker 3.29.

The climb continues on for another 1.7 miles to the next high point with an average grade of 11.3% and steeper pitches of 13-14%!

The road eases up on rolling terrain for the next 1.3 miles before reaching the next climb.

At mile 9.7, the road pitches up to a stiff 16% grade for the next half mile up to the next high point-it’s a bear!

There is a breather coming up, the road continues through the forest on rolling terrain for the next mile followed by a gradual climb to the first summit at the hilltop vineyards.

Mountain View Rd descends through the forest and emerges out to the open ridge before starting back up on rolling terrain into the woods.

At mile 16.8, the road begins another climb to the second summit at Signal Ridge; it’s 2.2 miles with an average grade of 7% and pitches of 9-10%.

As you enter the Navarro River Watershed area, the road narrows on the twisty descent to the bridge crossing over Rancheria Creek.

At mile 23.4, the road tilts up for a climb up to Redwood Ridge at Faulkner County Park; it’s 2.3 miles with an average grade of 6% and steep pitches of 10-12%.

Mountain View Rd descends on a steep 16% grade for the next mile before leveling out into Anderson Valley at Boonville.

Lunch stop at Redwood Drive-In on CA-128 E in Boonville.

Turn around and head west on CA-128 to Anderson Valley Way; this slight detour off the main road leads you through a residential part of Anderson Valley to Graveyard Creek and the Anderson Valley Historical Museum.

The road exits back onto CA-128; turn left and head west through the vineyards along Anderson Valley.

CA-128 W continues through the town of Philo as it rolls along pass the estate wineries and vineyards around the Anderson Valley Wine Country.

At mile 36.6, turn left onto Philo-Greenwood Rd; this is a beautiful quiet country back road that stretches 17.7 miles from Philo to the coastal town of Elk (formerly Greenwood). The road climbs up through the dense mountain forests from the valley at Henry Woods State Park to Greenwood Ridge.

The road begins to climb after the bridge crossing over the Navarro River; it winds up underneath the canopy of trees to the first high point at Signal Ridge for 3 miles with grades of 9-11%!

The road drops down from Signal Ridge and continues with a series of rolling climbs with gradient ranges of 7-9% and lesser grades of 4-6% for the next 9.5 miles along Greenwood Ridge to the ridge top vineyards.

Philo-Greenwood Rd emerges from the woodland and levels out along the open ridge at the ranches and apple orchards before disappearing into the woods again.

The road descends through the deep forest and open up to views of the Pacific Ocean at Elk Cove!

Turn left onto Hwy 1 S and cross the bridge over Greenwood Creek into Bonee Gulch.

Hwy 1 S levels out for a distance before dropping to the next bridge crossing over Elk Creek.

The road kicks up for a short steep climb around the switchback up to the coastal prairies-it’s half a mile with an average grade of 9.5%.

Hwy 1 S continues on fairly flat terrain through the coastal ranches and pasture lands for the next 4.7 miles.

The road drops down to a bridge crossing over Mallo Pass Creek and tilts up for a climb through the private homes around the Irish Beach Community.

The flat miles from Irish Beach leads you back into Manchester.

Turn right on Kinney Rd to the parking lot at Manchester Beach State Park.

A stop at Irish Beach Cove Vista Area on the drive north along Hwy 1 to Elk.

This is a whopper of a ride with steep climbs and a tremendous elevation gain of 8159 feet-that’s almost 150 feet per mile! You can’t get lost on this route, there’s only 5 turns for this entire ride! It was a good idea for Michael and Shadow to follow me in the Eurovan; much of this route is along remote territory with minimal to no traffic and limited water resources. The other choice is to ride with a Camelbak and extra water bottles. The long stretch of roads heading inland on Mountain View and the road heading west on Philo Greenwood is the epitome of the phrase “beautiful country back roads”. You will suffer a bit, but the scenery and the landscape is well worth the price.You’ll enjoy the roll through the scenic Anderson Valley and the coastal views along Hwy 1 is always spectacular!

Garmin Stats:
67.5 Miles with 8159′ of elevation gain
Max elevation: 2169′
Max grade: 20%
Terrain: Extremely hilly with steep climbs

Weather: Sunny and warm with temps ranging from the low 50’s to the low 90’s with NW winds

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Mountain View Philo Greenwood

Follow this route for today’s ride:


  1. Hello Nancy !! This ride appears to be a ” Tad” hilly for a Tandem…… Hmmm…. But, not to worry, we’ll file this one under “Challenging” and keep it on file. Thanks again for all your information, From Michael and Maydene !


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