Bohemian Hwy-Austin Creek-Duncans Mills-Sonoma Coast

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

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This Sonoma County ride heads north from Valley Ford for a counter clockwise loop along Bodega Hwy to Bohemian Hwy; it travels through the quaint little towns from Freestone to Occidental and Monte Rio. Follow the Russian River through the shady redwood forests on Hwy 116 for the scenic out and back stretch along Austin Creek on Austin Creek Rd and Cazadero Hwy. Take Hwy 116 W into Duncans Mills before heading west towards the coast for a short jaunt north on Hwy 1 to the “river’s mouth” in Jenner. Travel south along the rugged Pacific coastline to the town of Bodega Bay before heading inland for the return to Valley Ford.

Begin on School St in Valley Ford and head north on Valley Ford Rd.

Turn right on Freestone Valley Ford Rd; this country back road travels along Ebabias Creek for a short climb up to Bodega Hwy.

Continue north on Bodega Hwy and make a left on Bohemian Hwy into the town of Freestone.

Bohemian Hwy gently winds around the valley meadows and ranches along Salmon Creek to CYO Camp.

The road climbs up through the shaded woodlands into Occidental with 7-9% grades.

Bohemian Hwy descends along the creeks through the beautiful forests into Monte Rio.

Head west on Hwy 116 and ride through the redwoods along the Russian River towards the coast.

Turn right onto Austin Creek Rd for a scenic 3.6 mile ride through the gorgeous redwoods around the creek side homes along Austin Creek.

Cross the Russian River and head south on Cazadero Hwy; this beautiful stretch of road travels along the west side of the creek back to Hwy 116.

Continue west on Hwy 116 into Duncans Mills.

Birthday lunch stop at the Gold Coast Bakery.

Head west and follow the Russian River along Hwy 116 to Hwy 1.

Turn right on Hwy 1 and follow the Russian River for 1.9 miles into Jenner for a stop at the “river’s mouth”-where the river flows into the ocean.

Enjoy the views!

Make a U-turn and return south on Hwy 1 towards Hwy 116.

At the junction-go straight and cross the Russian River for a moderate climb up to Goat Rock.

The rolling terrain on Hwy 1 stretches 10 miles south to Bodega Bay on state property along the magnificent Sonoma Coast.

Enjoy the views of the sandy beaches, craggy cliffs and rugged shores! The fog certainly adds beauty to the dramatic Pacific Coast!

Hwy 1 continues south to the coastal fishing village of Bodega Bay.

The road turns eastward as it gently heads inland along Cheney Gulch.

At Bay Hill Rd, Hwy 1 continues on a series of rolling climbs up to the eucalyptus lined ridge.

The swift descent on Hwy 1 takes you through the valley into Valley Ford.

This is one of the most beautiful rides along the quiet country back roads around Sonoma County! You’ll enjoy the gorgeous scenery-from the inland valleys and shady redwood forests to the Russian River and the spectacular Sonoma Coastline! No wonder this is the designated “Birthday Ride” for June; the weather is usually amazing and the landscape is always perfect-this is California riding at its finest-short and sweet!

Garmin Stats:
51.7 Miles with 2874′ of elevation gain
Max elevation: 572′
Max grade: 9%
Terrain: Flat-rolling with a few low hills

Weather: Sunny and warm inland with coastal fog. Temps ranged from the high 50’s to the high 70’s with brisk NW winds

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Valley Ford Duncans Mills (2)

Follow this route for today’s ride:


  1. Yes Nancy, that’s definitely one for the “Tandem”. After a day at work, Maydene and I sit down at the computer and really do enjoy going over your excursions. Your videos on Youtube are just as fun ! Keep at it !! Seeya, from Michael and Maydene.


  2. Nancy, I have just a little over a year until retirement. My commitment to medical service must be completed first. But sure, Maydene and I would love to make contact and of course, a tandem ride would be great with you and Michael. Yes, gentle rolling hills with oak trees and close to the ocean………….. That’s the stuff road bicycle dreams are made of. [sigh] . Take care, Michael


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