Mount Diablo: South Gate to the Junction

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

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This ride goes up Mt Diablo via South Gate Rd to the Junction Ranger Station. The route includes going through “the hole in the fence”; a scenic detour through the small private Diablo community around Diablo Country Club.

Begin this ride from Heather Farm Park in Walnut Creek.

Exit the park and head west on the Contra Costa Canal Trail.

Turn left onto the Iron Horse Trail; the next 2.1 miles takes you out to Newell Ave and S Broadway.

Turn left on S Broadway and take Rudgear Rd to Danville Blvd.

The flats along Danville Blvd from Alamo leads to the turn onto Stone Valley Way towards Oak Hill Park and Monte Vista High School in Danville.

Continue on Stone Valley Rd to Green Valley onto the multi-use path along Diablo Rd to Calle Arroyo.

Calle Arroyo is a private road that goes along the Diablo estate homes around the golfing greens at Diablo Country Club.

The turn onto Alameda Diablo meanders through the upscale neighborhood to the “hole in the fence”. To keep in harmony with bicyclists, the Diablo community has kindly posted signs along the road to remind cyclists to “obey the laws and respect the community”.

The dirt path leads up to the open fence area onto Mt Diablo Scenic Dr to Mt Diablo State Park South Gate Entrance on South Gate Rd.

The climb on South Gate Rd to the Junction Ranger Station is 5.8 miles with an average grade of 4.6%. Enjoy the spectacular vistas as you wind your way up along the south side of the mountain!

South Gate Rd weaves around the chaparral covered mountain with spectacular valley views. I always like to look behind my shoulders to see the winding road from behind-WOW!

The road continues to snake its way up the side of the mountain:

South Gate Rd eases up to the South Gate Kiosk Station.

From the kiosk, it’s 3.1 miles up to the Junction Ranger Station. South Gate Rd descends under a canopy of trees towards the sandstone formations at Rock City.

The road continues to drop down pass the picnic areas surrounding Rock City before tilting up again for the climb up to Curry Point.

The climbing continues and makes its way in and out of the woods to the open ridge line.

Enjoy the phenomenal views of the expansive grasslands along the upper slopes to the summit above and the fantastic valley views below.

The last half mile up to the Junction Ranger Station has grades of 7-9% with steeper pitches of 10-11%!

At Junction Ranger Station

Descend North Gate Rd and exit through the North Gate Entrance Station to Oak Grove Rd.

Take Walnut Ave and follow the bike route through the residential neighborhoods from Blackstone Dr to El Divisidero and San Antonio Dr. Return to Heather Farm Park on San Carlos Dr.

Climbing up Mt Diablo is one of my favorite local rides-it never gets boring! You always have the option of continuing up Summit Rd to the summit and or descend the mountain from the saddle at the Junction Ranger Station.

Garmin Stats:
28.5 Miles with 2303′ of elevation gain
Max elevation: 2129′
Max grade: 11%
Terrain: Hilly

Weather: Partly cloudy with afternoon sun. Temps ranged from the mid 40’s to the low 60’s with NW winds.

View the interactive RGPS route map & profile

Mt Diablo SG Junction

Follow this route for today’s ride:

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