Gordon Valley-Wooden Valley-Steele Canyon-Lake Berryessa

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

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This ride heads north from Fairfield along Green Valley to Rockville Rd and continues through Suisun Valley to Gordon Valley. The route cuts across the valley on Wooden Valley Cross Rd and stays north on Wooden Valley Rd to CA-121 for a lunch stop at Moskowite Corner. This route includes an out and back segment on Steele Canyon Rd to the SW shore of Lake Berryessa.

Begin this ride from the west end of Costco’s parking lot off Business Center Ave at the Green Valley Shopping Center in Fairfield.


Exit the shopping center and head north through residential neighborhoods around the community of Green Valley.

The road exits out of town to the open valley and hillside vineyards.

Cut across the valley and head east on Rockville Rd; the short rolling climbs goes pass a small community around Rockville Hills Regional Park and drops down into Rockville.

Continue north on Suisun Valley Rd through the open fields, agricultural farm lands and vineyards to Mankas Corner Rd.

Turn right on Mankas Corner Rd to Gordon Valley Rd.

Turn left and continue north on Gordon Valley Rd pass the country ranches, farm lands and valley vineyards.

The road gently climbs under a canopy of trees and spills out to the other end of the valley with hillside vines and community ranches.

At the junction, turn left onto Wooden Valley Cross Rd; this road cuts through the valley under a shade of trees to Wooden Valley Rd.

Wooden Valley Rd winds up through the canyon with gentle 2.5-5% grades. The road follows the curvatures of Wooden Valley Creek pass a scattering of remote ranches.

The road levels out as you round the bend towards Altamura Winery & Vineyards; it continues along the valley floor through the small community of Wooden Valley.

The flat terrain leads out to the heart of the valley with acres and acres of vineyards set below the foothills of Mt George.

Wooden Valley Rd winds up along the hillside vineyards and comes to a T at the CA-121 junction.

Turn right and continue north on CA-121 S for the next 5.5 miles; the road begins on gentle rolling terrain for the first 0.7 mile with great views of Wooden Valley.

At mile 21.2, the road tilts up for one mile with an average grade of 6.6% to the summit at Waters Rd.

CA-121 descends down into the valley followed by a couple of short rolling climbs to the CA-128 Junction.

Turn left on CA-128 E and make an immediate right turn onto Steele Canyon Rd to Moskowite Corner.

Lunch stop Lake Berryessa Market.

Continue on Steele Canyon Rd for the next 5.1 miles; the road goes east across the Capell Valley vineyards before turning north towards the Napa Country Iris Garden.

The rolling terrain drops down into Little Valley and tilts up for a short 0.3 mile climb to the high point at Wragg Ridge with 6-8% grades.

The 3.4 miles descent rolls through Steel Canyon towards Berryessa Highlands.

Turn left onto Steel Resort Rd to Steele Canyon Rec Area at Lake Berryessa.



Exit Steele Canyon Rec Area and return south on Steele Canyon Rd.

At mile 34.7, the road kicks up for a 0.8 mile climb back up to Wragg Ridge with grades of 6-9.5%.

The rolling terrain leads back to Berryessa Corners.

Return south on CA-121 S; the rolling terrain winds through the woodlands along Capell Creek with gentle grades up to Munson Ranch.

The road climbs up from Circle Oaks Dr to the summit at Waters Rd; it’s 0.6 mile with an average grade of 6%.

At the junction, continue south on Wooden Valley Rd.

Wooden Valley steadily winds along the valley through the ranch lands and vineyards with beautiful hillside views.

We cross the Napa County line back to Solano County and continue on Suisun Valley Rd through the wineries and vineyards along Suisun Valley.

Along Suisun Valley after Larry’s Produce Stand, there is a section of road with decorative artsy mailbox sculptures; they’re easy to miss as you roll through the flat valley.

Suisun Valley Rd rolls along the flat valley vineyards back to Rockville and continues on pass Saolano Community College to Business Center Dr.

This is a fantastic ride through the flat valleys in Solano County to the country back roads in Napa County. Thanks to Patrick for leading this “Birthday Ride!” “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!”

Garmin Stats
57.78 Miles with 3350′ of elevation gain
Max elevation: 1110′
Max grade: 14%
Terrain: Moderately Hilly

Weather: Brillaint sunshine with clear blue skies. Temps ranged from the low 60’s to the low 80’s with SW winds.

View the interactive RGPS route map & profile

Wooden Valley Steele Cyn

Follow this route for today’s ride:


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