Spring Flowers: Hidden Valley-Hidden Lakes Hike

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

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This hike heads south from Holiday Highlands Park to Hidden Valley and Hidden Lakes Parks in Martinez. Climb up to the top of the ridges and enjoy the fantastic Contra Costa views! Meander along the lake before returning on the city streets to Holiday Highlands Park. Now is a great time to get out and take in the colorful varieties of spring flowers around the neighborhoods.

Head south on Fig Tree Ln and turn left onto Arnold Dr.

Cross over Hwy 4 on Glacier Dr to Center Ave.

Flowers on Center Ave.

Turn left on Redwood Dr to Hidden Valley Park. The park has a huge picnic area with a playground and large grassy field. Follow the path along the west side to the bridge crossing over the creek.

The path leads out to Morello Ave; continue east along the ball fields into Hidden Lakes Park.

Turn right at the playground and follow the path around the soccer field. At the far east corner of the field, turn right and proceed up the stony path to the top of the ridge.

Enjoy the panoramic views of the park lands and Mt Diablo!

Continue along the oak studded ridge to the trail split; turn left to the solitary bench over looking the park.

The bench is set pretty high; there’s plenty of room to dangle your feet.

Continue on to the trail crest and take in the expansive views of the valley and beyond!



Descend the ridge and turn right at the next trail split; the trail winds along the valley towards Lake Ridge Dr.

At the next trail split; go straight and continue on the well-worn path to the top of the hill.

Stop and enjoy the 360 views of the surrounding area!


Continue down the hill and turn left at the next trail split towards the west end of the lake.

At the next trail split, turn right into the shaded woodland for a jaunt along the south edge of the lake to the creek crossing.

Walk under the canopy of trees and turn left at the next trail split. The path follows along the north edge of the lake.

The trail leads back to Hidden Valley Park.

Retrace your way back to Holiday Highlands Park from Center Ave to Glacier Dr and Arnold to Fig Tree. Enjoy the wonderful scents and colors of the early spring flowers!

This is a wonderful leisurely activity in addition to cycling-get out and stop to enjoy the colorful blooms along the way. Spring is definitely here-nature’s beauty is abound! Shadow also gets plenty of exercise!

You can also start from Hidden Valley Park on Center Ave/Redwood Dr and reduce 2.4 miles from the total hike.

5 Miles with 360′ of elevation gain
Time: 2.5 hours with many flower stops
Sunny and warm with temps ranging from the mid 60’s to the low 70’s

Parking: street parking-water & restrooms available
Hike: Easy
Dog Friendly

View the interactive RGPS route map & profile

Hidden Valley Hidden Lakes



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