San Juan Bautista: Anzar-Carr-San Andreas-Manresa Beach

Thursday, February 12, 2015

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Ride #3-SJB: This route heads west  for a scenic roll along Anzar and Carr Rd to Aromas. It crosses into Monterey County for a flat stroll through the strawberry fields around Pajaro Valley into Santa Cruz County. Continue on the Pacific Coast bike route on San Andreas Rd for a stop at Manresa State Beach. Return west along Larkin Valley and wind around the coastal farmlands and communities from Freedom back to Aromas.

Exit Mission Farm and ride through SJB on The Alameda to 3rd and North St.

Continue north on 1st St; the road name changes to San Juan Hwy as it exits town out to the agricultural farmlands along San Juan Valley to Anzar Rd.

Anzar Rd turns west along the valley and continues underneath Hwy 101.

The road climbs up for half a mile with grades of 5-7% before dropping down through the valley ranches.

Anzar continues on flat-rolling terrain to Anzar Lake and rolls up to a short section through a eucalyptus grove before reaching a small ranching community at the other end of the road.

The left turn on Carr leads to a short 0.3 mile climb with gradient ranges of 7-10%. The road descends quickly through a rural residential neighborhood in the town of Aromas and comes to a T onto Carpenteria Rd.

Carpenteria is the main road in and out of Aromas; the rolling terrain heading south takes us into Monterey County to the next junction at San Juan Rd.

The short 1.1 mile stretch on San Juan Rd takes us onto Tarpey Rd; this road goes west through the berry farms around the Royal Oaks community.

The road name changes to Hall Rd and Salinas Rd as it continues along the upper valley farms into the town of Pajaro.

The turn on Trafton and McGowan Rd meanders around the strawberry fields west of Watsonville for 3.8 flat miles to San Andreas Rd.

San Andreas Rd follows the Pacific Coast bike route through Watsonville’s expansive coastal strawberry fields and ranches into Santa Cruz County; you can even catch a glimpse of the ocean! San Andreas Rd drops down to the coastal community around Manresa State Beach.

Stop at Manresa State Beach and enjoy the beautiful expanse of the white sandy beach and coastal bluffs!


Exit the beach and continue on San Andreas Rd for the next 2.2 miles; the road climbs up through the beachfront community of La Selva Beach and heads north underneath Hwy 1 to Larkin Valley Rd.

Larkin Valley Rd climbs from the freeway interchange for 2/10th of a mile with gradient ranges of 7-9% up to the summit at Larkin Ridge. The road drops down swiftly followed by another uphill-it’s 0.3 mile with an average grade of 7.7%. The road descends through a quiet rural ranching community around Larkin Valley to Buena Vista Rd.

Buena Vista Rd acends 0.4 mile with an average grade of 7.1% from the countryside to the upper farmlands and residential neighborhoods onto Freedom Blvd to the town of Freedom.

The turn on Aiport Blvd takes you pass the busy shopping center out to the vast commercial farms and agricultural fields between Holohan and College Rds south of Interlaken.

The ride continues weaving around the flat valley farmlands and orchards on Lakeview Rd pass the strawberry fields at Gidzich Ranch off Carlton Rd.

At the junction, bear left onto CA-129/Riverside Rd and head east for the next 1.3 flat valley miles to Murphy Crossing Rd.

Murphy Crossing Rd cuts south through the Pajaro Valley farmlands across the Pajaro River to San Juan Rd.

San Juan Rd climbs out from the valley for 0.4 mile with an average grade of 6%; the road turns east towards the Royal Oaks Community to Carpenteria Rd.

Carpenteria Rd takes us back towards Aromas onto Carr Rd.

The climb up Carr Rd is about a mile long with an average grade of 7%; the road drops down onto Anzar Rd. On this stretch of road, we’re accompanied by a friendly free-roaming Staffordshire Terrier-he followed us for about 2 miles from Carr all the way to Anza Lake!

We reverse our way on Anzar Rd to San Juan Valley and ride back through SJB to Mission Farm RV Park.

This is a gorgeous scenic ride from San Juan Valley to the country back roads around the expansive strawberry farms in and around the coastal Parajo Valley! You’ll enjoy the coastal section on San Andreas Rd to Manresa State Beach in Santa Cruz County! A spring-summer like ride out to the beach in sunny warm weather in the winter? I love California living!

59.46 Miles with 2917′ of elevation gain
Max elevation: 630′
Max grade: 13%
Terrain: Flat-rolling with a few low hills and a steep climb

Weather: Plenty of sunshine and blue skies. Temps ranged from the mid 40’s to the mid 70’s with breezy NE winds.

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Manresa Beach

Follow this route for today’s ride:



  1. Just wanted to say I really enjoy reading your blog! Lovely photos, and of course some wonderful rides. I’ve gotten some great ideas for new rides from your site. Also, while you’re in San Juan, don’t miss San Juan Grade — a beautiful road!

    Brian, Yes-it’s on our list for a ride out to Elkhorn Slough. Nancy


  2. Nancy, it’s so beautiful ! We still have five weeks of winter to go in Northern Utah….. (sigh) Keep cycling, from Michael and Maydene !!

    Michael & Maydene, Thanks! 5 weeks goes by very quickly-hang in there! Nancy


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