Paso Robles: Peachy Canyon-Klau Mine-Cypress Mtn-Chimney Rock-Adelaida

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

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Day 4: This remote double loop begins with a beautiful ride through the Far Out Wineries and Vineyards located around the Santa Lucia Mountains west of Paso Robles on Peachy Canyon and Vineyard Rd to Adelaida. The route extends further west for a mini-loop around Klau Mine to Cypress Mountain and Chimney Rock before returning to Adelaida Rd.

We take CA-46 W to 24th and head south on Vine St to 13th St.

Olive St runs south along the residential neighborhoods to the outskirts of town on Pacific Ave.

The road name changes to Peachy Canyon; this is a quiet back road full of twists and turns with rolling climbs and descents. Peachy Canyon Rd heading west to Vineyard Dr is 10.1 miles; all the rolling climbs have gradient ranges of 4-8%.  We begin with a gentle uphill out of town to the vineyards at Stack Stone Cellars.

Peachy Canyon Rd continues through the hidden ranches and farms to the summit of the lower hills around the Santa Lucia Mountain.

The road drops down from under the dense woodlands to the open south ridge of the limestone covered mountain slopes. The rolling terrain takes us pass the estate wineries at Calcareous Vineyard to Law Estate and Minassian Young.

Peachy Canyon Rd winds in and out of the woods along the hillside vineyards to Triangle T Ranch.

The road climbs up to Kiler Canyon followed by a twisty descent down to the vineyards at Villa Creek Cellars and to the nut orchards, ranches and farms along the upper valley.

Peachy Canyon Rd continues down through the orchards and olive groves along Summit Canyon to Vineyard Dr.

We head north on Vineyard Dr for the next 4.1 scenic miles; this is another wonderful back road with 4-7% rolling climbs along the wine trail with oak trees hanging with moss and deer and wild turkeys roaming about in the meadows.

Vineyard Dr rolls gently to a high point at Pasolivo Olive Oil followed by a descent and a short little hump; the road drops down onto Adelaida Rd at Halter Ranch.

Adelaida Rd west leads us to a half mile climb up to the beautiful hillside vines at Tablas Creek Vineyards. The road drops us down to the intersection at Klau Mine Rd.

This is where we begin the 9.7 mile loop around Klau Mine and Cypress Mtn to Chimney Rock and Adelaida. Klau Mine Rd is a narrow single lane road that quickly changes from smooth to bumpy pavement on the 2.2 miles descent to the remote abandoned mining town of Klau. The road levels out at the old barns and boarded up homes around the lower valley to Cypress Mountain Dr.

Cypress Mountain Dr gently winds up around the foothills of Cypress Mountain for 3.4 miles; it goes under a dense canopy of trees out to the estate ranch house and vineyards.

The road kicks up for a short climb before dropping down to the CDF Station towards Chimney Rock.

We head east on Chimney Rock Rd for the next 3 miles; the road climbs up from the valley with open vistas for 1.3 mile up to the first high point at Justin Vineyards & Winery with gradient ranges of 4-8%.

Chimney Rock continues on rolling terrain along the vineyards out through the upper flatlands to Adelaida Rd.

We make a brief stop at the Historic Adelaida Cemetery.

Adelaida Rd comes to a short steep 8-12% climb up towards the hillside vineyards to the site of the Historic Adelaida Post Office and ranch.

The road continues for a short climb up to the red farmhouse at Tolo Cellars and back up to the vineyards at Tablas Creek Vineyard. The short descent leads us back to the Halter Ranch off Vineyard Dr.

The rolling terrain and climbs up through the nut orchards and vineyards along west Adelaida Rd to the summit at Adelaida Cellars is 3.7 miles with gradient ranges of 4-8%.  

Adelaida Rd continues up slightly through the gap followed by a short descent towards the open ridge.

Stop and enjoy the phenomenal mountain ridges and canyons around the Santa Lucia Range!


Adelaida Rd descends for 5 sweet rolling miles to Naciemento Lake Dr; it rolls pass the vineyards and olive groves between Wild Coyote Winery to Le Curvier Winery.

We head east on Naciemento Lake Dr onto 24th St and stay on CA-46 E back to the RV Park.

All these back roads leading through Paso Robles’ Far Out Wine Trail and vineyards to the open country has virtually no traffic, with the exception of a few trucks rolling out from the wineries of course. Most of the time, it’s just you and the bike-Life is grand!

Garmin Stats:
46.38 Miles with 4009′ of elevation gain

Max elevation: 1822′
Max grade: 12%
Terrain: Hilly with a short steep climb

Weather: Sunny and warm with clear blue skies. Temps ranged from the low 50’s to the high 70’s. NW Winds with 58% humidity

Click here to view the interactive route map & elevation profile


Follow this route for today’s ride:

One Comment

  1. Lucky to attend the Great Western Rally in 2013. Did this ride by myself one evening. Saw deer, turkey, fox, rabbits, squirrels (Western squirrels are ground based, eastern squirrels are tree based. Never knew until I saw their behavior!). Then I realized there must be something bigger, above them on the food chain….like mountain lions. I moved away from the edge of the road to the middle of the road. This worry didn’t detract from my enjoyment of this ride.
    Thanks for the great pix, I downloaded them (to enjoy my ride again!).
    (Ahhh! That 5 mile downhill. What a way to end a ride!!!)

    It’s a wonderful world we live in! Nancy


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